The Best April Fools’ Pranks Ever |

Have you ever lived with someone that thinks “April Fools” is almost as special as Christmas?

The Best April Fools’ Pranks Ever |

The subject story tells us about some of the best April Fools jokes ever. But, I want to tell you about being afraid of April Fools Day . . .

Have you ever met someone that starts planning for April Fools Day on April 2? I know this gal that lives for April Fools Day. She will start her plans for April 1st the year prior on April 2 and modify the plans as the year progresses so that by March 31 you are ready to hide for your own safety. This year she has a goat and chickens being delivered to her home as a surprise for her landlord. I think her original plans were for a couple cows but there was not adequate room for cows or horses. She considered snakes or an alligator but they would require too much attention. She settled on the chickens and goat mainly because her landlord is afraid of small furry critters and she already has a dog, two cats, one rat, and four rabbits. So when the landlord arrives today to pick up the rent she will be greeted by a small livestock and poultry show. The Landlord should freak out immediately . . .

Anyway, this gal does everything she can to make everyone enjoy April Fools Day, whether they want to participate or not. Likely victims will find themselves subjected to malfunctioning sinks and toilets, eggs cracked upon their heads, things slopping on them from above, walking into entryways covered with clear plastic wrap, hair dryers that spray powder, shower heads that spray kool-aid, caramel onions, computers that type one word in place of another, trick web cams, and an assortment of other little pranks. One year she had a picture taken of her bathroom and used it as her desktop for April Fools. Every time someone would use her bathroom she would be laughing when they came out. When they came to see what she was laughing about they would see the bathroom on her desktop and they would be made to believe their bathroom visit had been streamed to the Internet. You would be surprised how many people fell for it.

Yes, April Fools Day is a dangerous time of year in my neighborhood. She gave me her shopping list a short while ago. She wants a large bottle of Baby Powder, a large box of Plastic Wrap, some Shrink Wrap, some Kool-Aid, Construction Paper, Packaging Peanuts, Onions, Karo Syrup, Cooking Oil, Crazy Glue,  and some Mac & Cheese. I have no idea her plans . . . But I intend on getting the hell out of dodge, real quick!

Ya’ all have a safe and sane April Fools Day . . . I’ll be hiding out in a nearby hotel until tomorrow. See Ya! 

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