What If You Could Go Back And Do It All Again?

Have you ever given thought to what you would do if you were provided the opportunity to go back to your younger years and start all over again? Have you considered the changes you would make? Maybe, some things you would do differently? Would you make different educational, career, or love choices?

The problem with even giving such thought consideration, is the changes it would make to your present life. Perhaps going back and changing anything might cause a ripple effect changing everything to the point that the things you want in your life that you have presently, may not ever have happened at all. Your present relationships, children, work, and everything you are today, erased.

For some that might seem the ideal situation. Erase all of your past to a certain point and reboot. But for others, the pain of going back losing what you are today, would only compound the pain getting there cost . . .  And, getting where you are today may have cost quite a bit. Do you have the intestinal fortitude to do it all over again.

Everybody when they are young wants to be somebody. People want to feel special, empowered, or famous. Everybody wants to feel the rush of standing on an XFactor stage  and winning. The scene may change but, the rush is still wanted. Everyone wants to be the “Star” regardless the storyline. Some may seek their 15 minutes a different way, but if you could go back and do it all over again would this be the direction you would go?

I have given this idea significant thought. As a matter of fact I have considered it so much it may as well be a fantasy and every time I play it out in my head, I reach the same conclusion . . . Regardless my start or my end, there are far too many people that make others lives difficult to make it a worthwhile consideration. The truth is, there are far too many people that lie, steal, cheat, and abuse others for anyone to have a decent chance at an enjoyable life today. And, it really sucks that life has to be this way for anybody.

No, if I had the opportunity to go back and do it all again, I would decline the offer quickly. Why? Because there is always the possibility that instead of suffering the life you have, it could be worse. I already have regrets, ghosts, and failure enough to live with. I certainly would not like it were it worse. I have to settle with the life I have lived content with the knowledge that I have made my mark, no matter how insignificant, a mark just the same. And, I am not quite done yet. All you have to do is remember my name . . .

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