Former death row inmate John Thompson helps others exonerees rebuild –

The question, “Does this man deserve 14 million for being incarcerated for 18 years for a crime he was exonerated of on retrial?”

Former death row inmate John Thompson helps others exonerees rebuild –


People are missing the point on these convictions. Most every one of these convictions that are being exonerated on appeal are due to an unethical act by somebody. And, usually that somebody is a sworn officer or officer of the Court that is not supposed to commit such act. So why are we not prosecuting the real wrong-doer. Some Cop or Attorney committed an act that caused a person to be incarcerated for 18 years. 14 million will never give a man wrongfully accused and incarcerated for a significant portion of their lives, any of the portion of his life lost. If I were falsely accused and then jailed for even a minute because somebody withheld evidence, or provided false evidence or testimony, you can bet your ass I want the person that sent me there charged with something criminal and prosecuted for it.

Now, I am not talking about a failure in the investigation to resolve the crime. I am talking about an officer, attorney, judge, or even witness that fails to tell the truth or does not pursue other information that would prove me innocent, that person will have to pay for the commission of as many criminal acts as I can peg on them. And should the D.A. not wish to charge the person, I will go arrest him myself and see him brought before the Court to answer for his negligence.

DO you realize what 18 years of incarceration takes from you? Just by being charged with the offense subjects you to the loss of your job, your income, many of your friends, and subsequent to your conviction most often you lose your family and close friends. Then year after year you don’t get to watch your children grow, you miss the passing of family and friends, you don’t get to see your children graduate, and you sit locked in your cell while some other man is banging your ol’ lady every night. Hell of a pill to swallow if you did not commit the crime that sent you there . . .

The American justice system is supposed to operate under the premise that it better to let a hundred criminals roam free rather than to convict a single person of a crime he did not commit. We seem to disregard such belief today. But what sucks is we obviously failed to respect that belief many years ago as evidenced by the exonerations of over 300 men wrongfully accused and convicted. That means that probably more than 300 people entrusted to preserve and protect our Constitutional Rights has intentionally violated those rights and is or has gotten away with doing so. And I am sorry but, that does not seem like the picture is supposed to be.

In the United States, the most severe violation of the law is a public official  charged with the responsibility of protecting our Constitutional Rights, failing to do so. Every Cop, Attorney, Judge, and Politician elected or appointed to office takes an oath to preserve and defend our Constitutional Rights. If they have incarcerated a man wrongly accused, they need to feel what incarceration feels like. And yes, the man incarcerated does deserve the 14 million and a lot more . . .

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