I Hate A Dirty F#$%ing Kitchen . . .

I am serious as the friggin heart attack it is going to give me, I hate a dirty kitchen. Nothing annoys me more than trying to cook with a sink full of dishes and a dirty countertop. And, for you people that think doing the dishes once every four days is the extent of your responsibility, kiss my ever lovin butt.

In case you wonder why the rant . . . I went to a friends house this evening and they talked me into baking some cookies. They never got cookies. Since there was only a large pot clean and available, they got tapioca pudding. And, I hope they choke on it. They’re a lot of ungrateful, self serving, lazy, jerks as far as I am concerned.

How about you? Do you sit on your lazy ass all day doing nothing, expecting your house to clean itself? It is starting to look like a trend with a number of my friends, and I think very poorly about it. I hope my friends read this posting so they can understand why I just walked out of their house and went home. Nope, I said nothing. I just walked out the door, fired up my bike, and rode my ass on home.

You know, it takes all of about 30 minutes to clean every dish and clean the countertop in the average home. 30 minutes is not even a blink when you do not work at a real job. That’s the amount of time between your dirtying the next dish or glass any damn way. I have had numerous room-mates, been married more than once, and shacked up with a broad here and there. Never in any of these relationships have I encountered people too damn lazy to do the damn dishes. Okay, they may have been thieves, whores, bitches, or cops but they still did the damn dishes. Okay one time I had a problem with the dishes getting done at my place. I resolved it by doing the damn things myself.

For those of you that do not quite understand. The kitchen is the only room in the house that you want room to work when you are cooking. Unless you do everything in the microwave. Which I am starting to believe is everyone in America. Anyway, when cooking you may need measuring cups and stuff, ladles and spoons, mixers and whisks, and a whole bunch of other things. If they are not available when needed, sometimes what you are cooking turns to crap in a minute while you search everywhere for it, only to find it dirty. And, upon completion of preparing whatever you have prepared, you may want something to eat it on or with. Also, a dirty kitchen makes the whole house seem dirty.

Okay, I got my rant out of my system. I hope they enjoy their tapioca, because I will never cook over at their house again . . . 


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