Watch train slam into SUV

This is just too stupid! 

Watch train slam into SUV


Our subject video shows us a real live idiot driving his van through a red light and then around the railroad crossing gates. It also shows us a transit train t-boning the van before it makes it all the way across the tracks.

Now, I have had occasion to go around the railroad crossing gates numerous times during my life. But never have I done so without knowing that I could so safely. I have even held up the gates for other vehicles to pass a couple of times, again knowing such passage could be made safely. But going through the red-light and trying to get around the crossing gate are not the reason this person an idiot. Doing the aforementioned with others in the vehicle, including 2 children is why this person an idiot.

When you drive a vehicle, there is always the possibility you can become involved in an accident. You can be the best driver in the world and still find yourself involved in an accident. You do not have to do anything wrong. You do not have to be driving improperly. You simply have to be in the right place at the wrong time for somebody else to cause you to be involved in their accident. So, why tempt fate by doing something stupid to help put yourself and others in danger?

When I was a young man with a powerful vehicle at my control, yes I played around a bit. But back then you had room to escape from accidents. You do not have that luxury hardly anywhere today. Seldom to you see single vehicle accidents. Most often there is the one vehicle that lost control or side-swiped another, then it is a bunch of vehicles playing bumper cars until everything comes to rest. Then there are accidents like the subject video.

What gives this idiot the right to endanger so many people. Think about it. He had another adult in the front of the vehicle, 2 children in the back, and how many on the transit train? If that was an accident in the San Francisco Bay Area and that a BART train at rush hour, nope wait a moment. Bart trains are not that vehicle accessible. Okay, a Muni-Train. Still could have close to 100 people on it at the time. So what makes this idiot think that he has the right to endanger up to 104 people just because he cannot adhere to safe driving practices?

Trust me, your rush is not necessary if you are trying to reach your end before your time. Believe it or not, with traffic, going 10 miles an hour faster than everyone else nets you about 2 minutes to your destination. The only drivers that get a true advantage on getting there quicker than you, are driving motorcycles, and if you move over to provide me a little more room as I pass, I will wave a “thank you” to you. Slow down a bit, enjoy your life, and do not kill anybody else by being stupid. You will be much happier than the guy that hurts others by his stupidity.

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