Snowden to Receive Truth-Telling Prize –

Is there no end to this stupidity?

Snowden to Receive Truth-Telling Prize –


Snowden IS NOT a Whistleblower! A whistleblower is an employee that in the course of his employment discovers a wrong-doing by act of the company. Snowden was never an employee. He is an individual that appears to have intentionally infiltrated the NSA under guise as an NSA Contractor employee. The primary question not yet asked, is who is Snowden working for. Do you really think Snowden just woke up one day and said “I’m going to go infiltrate the NSA” and that’s how it all started? Yeah, right. What is Snowden’s means of support presently? Is Snowden being paid to disclose information harmful to the United States? How is Snowden paying his rent and feeding himself? These are questions that require answer prior to anyone suggesting he be awarded a Truth-Telling Prize of any sort. Keep in mind that by Snowden’s own admission, he took the job working for the NSA Contractor with the intent of getting inside the NSA to acquire information of a sensitive nature.

DO you really think Snowden was working alone in this venture? I find it hard to believe that Snowden is the only one involved in this. And, it is extremely probable that Snowden has and/or is receiving compensation from somebody for his efforts. The facts are, Snowden intentionally took employment with an NSA Contractor with intent to infiltrate the NSA to acquire data harmful to the Government and People of the United States.

Had Snowden’s intentions of been honorable and his infiltration of the NSA been used for the protection of US citizens  Constitutional Rights only, Snowden would be a national hero regardless act of retribution by the US Government. But, he did not do so. And, it is probable that the information he discovered relative to unethical spy games against US citizens was nothing but a fluke he found along the way to looking for something more harmful to the United States.

Snowden did not only steal information relevant to acts on US soil. He intentionally stole documents and data of NSA activity on foreign soil too. There is no other way such information could be used, except as harmful to the United States. As a matter of fact, there is no other use of such information at all. So, why did he take such information? His taking such information coupled with the recent disclosures to the media demonstrate he took the information for use as ill intent against the United States.

I do not know about you but  as a US citizen, I want to know the real truth behind Edward Snowden. I want him to give full truthful disclosure of this entire incident, including who he is working with, if any compensation received, and the location of all the document he has stolen from the NSA, before I would find anything this man says as truthful enough to give him a prize for anything. For all we know Snowden may be a spy working for a foreign government that infiltrated the NSA to acquire data for them, and they found the use of all the other data useful to bring discredit to the US Government.

I think the NY Times and anybody else on this Snowden “The Wonderful” bandwagon has the “cart before the horse” as far as the “truthful” goes with Edward Snowden, because there is far more to the story of this incident to be discovered. If you believe that Snowden did all of this on his own, is not a puppet on a string of some politician or foreign government, or party to some other unethical or criminal act, go ahead give him a key to the friggin city. But, I do not believe it for a damn second. Nothing Snowden has done as of yet inspires any confidence that he has a shred of integrity.   

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