The 20 Best Boob Jobs – Rant Lifestyle

There has to be reason for celebration today . . . Yeah baby, found it!

The 20 Best Boob Jobs – Rant Lifestyle


As a charter member of the Male Chauvinist Club, I must admit I like women’s breasts. I am not too picky, I like them all sizes and shapes. Well the subject story and slide show provide us a show of some of the best breasts subsequent to augmentation. That means that they aint real, but damn are they not very nice?


Years ago I worked for a guy that had himself a sporty lil number for a gal friend. She was short, slim in the right places, and had a rack that entered the room at least 30 seconds before the rest of her. DAMN was she hot! But, she also was not a very pleasant person. She used to rag on me every so often. Usually about stupid stuff, but rag just the same. Every time she came close to me I would just go “lust stare” in her direction acting as though she was the only person there. I would stay that way until she would get frustrated and walk away from me. I know it used to drive her nuts.  She was actually quite intelligent, but because she treated people like crap I acted like I never heard her say a word but stared until she left me alone. I guess I owe her an apology for my actions . . . Yeah, right.

I used to date a young barmaid that must have been a natural 44DD that just looking at her walk around the bar would make me crazy. This was another short but well stacked young lady. The thing that amazed me most about her was she was always polite and friendly until someone stepped out of line. But until then she was as sweet as she could be, always pleasant with a smile and she didn’t walk, she glided effortlessly across the floor like a dream. She married some putz that will never appreciate her for the beautiful person she really is regardless the healthy rack.

Anyway, enough of my talk. See the link above, click it to see what we are all fussing about. Frankly, the can all go cut bait if Kate Upton walks into the room. Damn, I wish I was 25 years younger and wealthy instead of so damn good looking.

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