Happy Monday Morning World . . .

I have spent the past month working barely part time due to almost ripping the end of my thumb off with a hammer drill. So today is my first day back to full-time, not full-duty, but full-time. They have put me on limited tool usage for a period of time. You know how it works. I can have a nail, but no hammer. It is only until such time as my non-union representative can determine if my injury was a suicide attempt or not. I swear it was not a suicide attempt, hell I didn’t even aim it at myself. Plus, the damn thing attacked me. I wasn’t feeding it my glove, it reached over and grabbed a piece of my glove and tried to run with it. If my other hand hadn’t cooperated and shut down the drill it would have taken my whole hand. Oh well, let’s just see how today goes. The Doctor said my thumb is healing well, but be careful until it heals completely and no nose picking  . . .

Anyway I hope everyone else is enjoying their Monday as well as I am. Keep in mind that if your day seems less wonderful than you would like, all you have to do is think of me . . . unable to pick my nose. That should make your day all better. (Yeah, right) 

Back to my real reason for writing this greeting to ya’ all. Over the past few days I have written a few interesting articles. Two of the articles discuss people being exonerated of crimes they had been incarcerated for. One guy spent 18 years in prison, the other 24 years in prison. What is most interesting in these cases and many like it is the illegal acts committed to prosecute these innocent people and get a guilty verdict from the Court. Most of you do not see the real problem or the crimes committed against the accused that cause them to be incarcerated. Nobody is charged for the crimes committed that cause their incarceration, nor is the person that committed the initial offense discovered or charged. It is almost as if somebody decided to make an innocent man take the fall for a crime he did not commit while the person that did commit the crime gets off Scott free.

I also added a little bit about “boob jobs,” “Women’s raunchy pick up lines,” and the “Truth from Edward Snowden.” So, if you get bored  and it’s a choice of actually working, or reading me . . .(YOU know damn well you are supposed to say, WORK!)

Have a HAPPY MONDAY! ( I almost disgust myself) 

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