Marijuana Vending Machine Unveiled in Colorado |

I do not care if it only dispenses seeds, it is about damn time something happens . . .

Marijuana Vending Machine Unveiled in Colorado |


After more than 40 years of lies, fraud, and misuse of American tax money on a bogus war on drugs it is about time drugs got a fair shake in this country. No, I am not pro-drugs. I am actually quite the opposite. But, I am pro-choice. I am for truth in government. And, I am anti abuse to US citizens because people found ways to profit from a bogus war on drugs, and continue to profit from it even today.

The first thing you need understand about the laws in America, is laws are not made to protect, enable, or provide for the US Citizen. Truly, that is a fact. A law becomes a law in America . . . when somebody figures out a way to profit by it. Those of you that believe Seat Belt laws were made to protect people driving cars are living a fantasy. Nobody in the Seat Belt Manufacture gives a damn about people, they care about one thing . . . How much money they get to make because every vehicle has to be equipped with seat belts by law now. That translates to sales. The City, County’s, and States do not give a ding about people. They recognize that by enforcement of the law they realize revenue. And, the line continues. There are a whole bunch of folks that are being fed by the Seat Belt Law.

Well the War On Drugs Laws have a much larger food chain that has profited from the many laws relative to drugs. In addition to Government building massive Police Empires and Courts grinding the dust in the citizens pockets in search for ways to take peoples money, all of the affected industries involved have been fed quite well. I remember as a young child over 50 years ago a conversation of adults in which it was said, “So & So, says drugs will never be made legal in the United States. What I cannot remember is who the “So & So” is. And the reason this is important, is because  that politician is likely the idiot that started our government on the path of lying to America and fleecing close to half the tax revenue of the country into the War On Drugs that has been proven to be nothing but continued waste of tax payer dollars and been used for far different usage like creating drug cartels and black ops diversions. For over 40 years our government lied to us, stole our money, stole our property, destroyed our lives, and is responsible for a lot of people being dead today. Our government found ways to profit by the bogus war on drugs and stuck by the laws that fed them for over 40 years. And if you believe they did it to protect the people, you have a lot to learn about politics and laws.

I could seriously give a rats-ass if you are an adult and you want to do drugs. I think that our Government exceeds it’s authority by making many of the decisions they make about many things, often doing so contrary to the voice of the people. For as long as I have been alive, there have been more alcohol and tobacco related deaths than the amount of deaths from use of illegal drugs. As a matter of fact there are more deaths from doctor prescribed medications than the combined deaths from illegal drugs. And, our government even took it and us a backwards step further by making it so difficult to do marijuana research in the US that none of our Scientists conducted research that could of possibly saved or at least made many lives bearable. But, that did not stop our government from doing their own “one-sided” “misleading” and “fabricated” propaganda research that they fed us like we were stupid, and we were.

I am an old man now. For over 50 years I believed our government for the most part to be honest and fair. But, ask anyone my age to think back through history and note all the lives destroyed by our government over a “joint”? How many of our friends lost their future, their ability to grow to the person they were intended to be, and some their freedom or their lives lost. For what? In the late 70’s early 80’s in many parts of America an applicant for a a police job that said they had not experimented with drugs in their interview was suggested a “poor” candidate for the job because nobody believed him truthful. At least 3 generations of America experimented with drugs as participants in the society of the day. If you lived in a major city you  likely experimented. If you were a college student, you experimented. If you were a farmer living 250 miles from the nearest town, maybe you didn’t experiment. So generations of Experimenters arrested and incarcerated other generations of experimenters so people and government that discovered a way to profit, were able to.

I have lived long enough to see that this country suffers a severe lack of integrity, most people lack the ethics they claim, and if their lips are moving they are lying. Law Enforcement ad the Courts are an embarrassment to the Constitution presently and I see no effort to correct it, but they keep finding ways to take more and more money from the people. But it is okay. You see, most of today’s young do not know anything about the Constitution or their Constitutional Rights. The only people that even care to learn about their Constitutional Rights are those that suddenly need to know because they have been improperly arrested.

Yes, I find the first Marijuana Vending Machine an interesting event. Not because we are stupid enough to have such a thing, but because someone found a way to manipulate the law allowing them to profit from it.

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