Colorado woman shot dead while on phone with 911 for 13 minutes –

The Hack that authored this article should be fired for trying to sensationalize a tragic story with BULLSHIT!

Colorado woman shot dead while on phone with 911 for 13 minutes –

You will note after reading the subject story, how the story takes on a slant to suggest that marijuana played a role in this incident. What this is, is a Reporter or Writer that is trying to pump up his rankings or his favor amongst his audience or peers. And, it is BULLSHIT! Plain and simple, BULLSHIT!

Ever since the first inklings of marijuana legalization, there have been those that are trying to tie marijuana usage to violence.  Marijuana alone will not lead to violence, or even argument. This is not to say that marijuana with another substance will not lead to violence. Krystal Joints (KJ’s) which were marijuana laced with PCP were known to create men of remarkable strength and aggression. The drug that created this problem was not marijuana, but the PCP which is an elephant tranquillizer I believe that could have achieved the same result had it been smoked with tobacco or banana leaves. Marijuana has three primary reactions; Laugh, Eat, and Sleep. Usually in that order. Most people using marijuana are hard pressed to argue or fight in any fashion.

What troubles me the most about this however, is the irresponsible people in our media lying to us. We have already had over 40 years of our government lying to us and trying to subject us to their propaganda, why does the media find it acceptable to do the same. Every Writer, every Reporter, every media Personality, and every Government Employee that speaks of marijuana  without knowing and speaking the truth, is nothing more than a fraud. This is because real media does not try to suppress the truth. And, if someone in the media is trying to blame marijuana for violence, either they do not know anything of which they write, or they are intentionally trying to deceive you.

The same is true of any Government Employee or Politician. In the US, our government unethically hindered marijuana research for over 40 years while putting out propaganda of the evils of marijuana. Research that could have possibly saved lives or at least made those suffering suffer less was hindered because of some politician that decided he was going to prevent the legalization of marijuana, regardless the benefit that may be discovered. In the interim, major Pharmaceuticals have manufactured death pill after pill with little concern at all. During this same period, alcohol has killed more people than any other substance known to man. These are the truths the media should be telling you.

The thing this Country suffers from the most, is a lack of integrity. Instead of telling us the truth, our Government, our Media, even our Educators are telling us what they want us to believe, rarely the truth. I do not mean only in regards to marijuana, but to all things. It is as if, “If they lips movin, they lyin.” 50% of this country is living at damn near poverty level. The government is giving extension after extension to Unemployment payments for people that cannot find jobs. The whole City of Chicago is falling to it’s knees in bankruptcy. And, dirty government continues to rape the American Citizen for every penny they can get, all fed with lies. Media does not need to support government lies.

So, big time media . . . have enough integrity to report the truth, or STFU. 

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