Fake kidnapping outrages parents

Not A Single Parent Said Anything About How Easy It Was To Kidnap A Kid!

Fake kidnapping outrages parents


Our subject video, created by a couple of young men that had intent of making an informational production about “child abduction” seems to have backfired on the lads with a bunch of the parents that had been surprised by the fake abduction. In the video, it is easy to see how quickly the fake kidnappers make of with the child . . . and, the inability of anyone to stop them. All of those interviewed discuss how upset the making of the video had made them, but not a single person interviewed bothered to note the lesson they should have learned.

These guys pulled off a child kidnapping in broad daylight, in a public park, with witnesses all around. Are these people stupid? Don’t they see how easily that could have been their child? I do not believe the way the video was being made a good idea as those not involved had no idea the act was fake, but for a group of parents, they had an opportunity to live a real kidnapping and see how easily someone could make off with their child. Instead of realization showing them how they are failing to protect their children and how easy it is to not do anything but stand in awe, all these parents lear5ned from it was how to bitch and moan. No, I am not supporting the makers of the video. I just find it hard to believe that these people do not see the value in what they were witness to.

The subject video does not mention if anybody got a license plate or descriptions, or anything of importance to trying to apprehend the kidnappers, but did they do anything at all? Oh, they did . . . They bitched. I did not hear a single person make remark about how fast it could happen, or if they would have been able to thwart the attempt had  their child been the target.

Our society is so caught up in our own inability to act as necessary to do things, that rather than say how poorly prepared for such an event, we posture and fail to learn the lesson before us. They should teach this stuff in elementary school to both parents and children. Ands, it should be required attendance.

2 thoughts on “Fake kidnapping outrages parents

  1. I would feel outraged also if I was there when this happened. Many parents go from worry to worry, never stopping long enough to see that their children are prevailing through life’s challenges day in and day out. We worry about lots of things. We may be worried that the kids will fall down and hurt themselves, kids being bullied at school, kids being abducted or kidnapped by strangers. Being worry all the time is unhealthy to the parents and to the kids. So I’ve decided that the best way to protect my family is to have them registered to SafeKidZone. It’s a panic button application installed on my phone that whenever they’re in trouble they will just press it and it will simultaneously alert their loved ones and the 24/7 call center that they need help and if needed, the call will be routed to the nearest 911 in their area. You can visit their site and you will find more of their interesting features http://safekidzone.com/#!/page_home


    • I agree it was a lousy situation. But, did they learn from it? From what the video shows, the parents that were there were able to do very little. As a parent, wouldn’t you see that and realize that you should do something different to prevent your child being kidnapped? Maybe every parent that takes their child to a public park should be issued gun permits. Maybe the park should set up a parents awareness group so the parents work together to protect their kids. I do not know the solution but you cannot understate the lesson these parents should have learned and I think rather than learn from it they are spending their time bitching about it. They actually were part of the kidnapping, fake or not. What did they learn from it.


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