On Russian TV, Snowden asks Putin about Moscow surveillance – CNN.com

It amazes me how naive the average American is of the rest of the world and of the dangers that currently threaten America . . . 

On Russian TV, Snowden asks Putin about Moscow surveillance – CNN.com

If you look over the Snowden issue, you will find a lot of America jumping on the “Snowden is a Hero” bandwagon as though they understand exactly what Snowden has done. Most of these people are sheep, following somebody else’s lead as though that person has a clue. It is time to use you own minds people. Quit letting others do your thinking for you for a minute and investigate this issue yourself.

Let’s start with Snowden’s infiltration of the NSA. First Snowden was not an employee of a government contractor that went “whistle-blower.” A “whistle-blower” is an employee that in the course of his employ discovers a wrong committed by his employer and seeks to have the wrong corrected. By Snowden’s own admission, he made a premeditated infiltration of the NSA in search of information with ill intent towards the US. Now think about this just a little bit . . .

  • How did Snowden know where to seek employ that would  guarantee him access to NSA data?
  • Did Snowden have any difficulty in securing employment with the NSA Contractor?
  • How did Snowden know what to take and where to find it?
  • How was Snowden allowed to take box loads of documents from the NSA without getting caught?

Now if you believe that Snowden just woke up one day and decided that he was going to secure employment with one of the many NSA Contractors to get inside to see what they do, then you can stop reading right here, because you obviously believe everything you hear from one of your peers or something.

I feel it is far more likely that somebody recruited Snowden as a spy, showed him the way into the NSA, and told him to find specific information they wanted. And, along the way he found numerous bits of information that would prove to be embarrassing to the US. Snowden did not infiltrate the NSA in search of information about domestic spy games targeting US Citizens. He infiltrated the NSA seeking something and found information about domestic spy games targeting US citizens.

At this point in Snowden’s NSA infiltration had he of stopped collecting data and only brought to the public attention the domestic spy games targeting US citizens, Snowden probably would have become a National Hero for his acts of protecting our Constitutional Rights. But see, Snowden did not do anything to protect our Constitutional Rights but tell us that domestic activities were violating our Rights. He did not stick around to defend us in the Courts. He did not defend himself in Court. He also did not get his day in Court, to defend his actions. This was Snowden’s choice, or was it?

Had Snowden of limited his theft of NSA documents to domestic information, he had the right to challenge the information found as Unconstitutional and would have been able to demonstrate his intent the protection of US citizen’s Constitutional Rights. But, Snowden did not stop at domestic information. He collected data relative to activities on foreign soil. Foreign soil is not protected by the US Constitution. At no time can Snowden’s theft of information relevant to spy games on foreign soil be deemed as an honorable act. There is absolutely no use of such information that can be beneficial to the US if disclosed. Use of such information for any purpose would be harmful to the US. And, Snowden collected and stole untold amounts of data relative to foreign soil and chose to run to foreign soil with the ability to cause harm to the US.

You cannot be a Hero to a Nation and attack her from abroad without regard to the harm caused. Now, Snowden could have stood his ground here in the US and used every bit of data collected to cause change in NSA activity by presentation of NSA activities before the Courts, using argument that all of NSA activities required change, allowing the Courts to consider his beliefs that the NSA activity was improper. But, he did not do that. No, he ran to foreign soil  and used and continues using information he stole to cause harm to the US.

Now add some common sense to this situation. Snowden is a High School dropout, a Military dropout, and his one saving grace is his talents in computing. His highlights in occupations are Security Guard and Computer Geek. Even though he claims to have been employed by the CIA, his tenure is short and unremarkable. Inn short there is little remarkable about Edward Snowden. So, how does someone so unremarkable perform the infiltration of the NSA and all the crap he has pulled since, and not get caught up in extraneous bullshit that closes the door on him? Snowden is not working alone. Somebody is pulling strings somewhere.

Whether it be  politicians trying to bring discredit to the President, or a foreign government trying to bring discredit to the US, it is obvious that Snowden’s actions are intended to cause disfavor of the US world-wide, and appear to have strategic disclosure.

Now, let’s consider something else. Snowden’s father a Military Officer . . . Mother is something within the Courts . . . Very little information available about who or what Edward Snowden is . . . Snowden background is unremarkable if not that of someone that appears ill equipped to be a spy. He even lacks in education . . . Or, is this what he is supposed to appear to be? Snowden might very well be a government spy. But, for what government? When given enough entertainment type of thought, he could actually be a spy working for Obama, doing what he is doing so Obama can tear down the Bush Era Spy Complex without too much opposition. Who knows? Regardless, as it stands presently Snowden is a traitor to the US that presents a probable severe threat to the safety of the US.

If I were to be asked what I thought about Snowden, I would have to say, “He is a traitor, have the CIA take his ass out.” But, I would much rather Snowden return to America and stand proud and take his day in Court, and America support his actions. I want to know the truth behind Edward Snowden. I want to know who else involved and to what extent. I want to know if his actions internal or external to our government. I guess I want the truth . . . Before Snowden discloses something seriously harmful to the US. What do I think will happen? About the time Snowden decides to tell all the details, he will be assassinated by whomever he is working with to prevent his providing all the details.

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