New clemency criteria on drug sentences to be announced –

The problem with letting any of these people out, is there are still drugs and drug laws . . .

New clemency criteria on drug sentences to be announced –


The only intelligent way this scheme could possibly ever work, is by elimination of the ability to return to a life of dealing/manufacturing of drugs. Face it, our economy sucks, there are few enough decent jobs available, and a man has got to eat. So why let a man out of jail with the best prospect for making a living is by going back to the crime he is being released from prison for?

We need to eliminate drug prohibition entirely. If a man so stupid that he by his own choice destroys his life due to drug use/abuse, so be it. It is his choice. He makes it. He lives or dies from it. At least he is not being persecuted by the Courts for being weak. To let Drug Dealers and Manufacturers out of prison to a lousy job market but an ever open illegal drug trade is ridiculous.   There is no fair chance of these guys getting a fair shake at building different lives for themselves without eliminating their old occupations entirely. What do I mean you ask?

If you let a bunch of drug dealers and drug manufacturers out of prison, but leave them the ability to return to their previous life, they will be forced to do so because there is nothing else out here for them to earn a living at. Hence, the need to take control of the illegal drug trade. As long as criminals control drugs, this Country will always be at war with drugs. It is time our Country legalize, manufacture, and distribute all the illegal drugs. Okay, I hear you screaming way back there in the back. Just give me a few moments of your time to explain . . .

We drugs made legal the violence relative to drug trafficking will cease immediately. Manufacture by Government approved sources would mean no more dirty drugs. Distribution by licensed retailers would provide for taxation and eliminate “Street Dealers” entirely.

Then releasing these people to the streets would require they seek other means of earning a living which is far better than dumping all these dope dealers out without a way to earn a living better than what they already know how to do.

There is obviously a whole lot more involved in my position on this. And, I will gladly discuss my opinion should anybody want additional information relative to how my mind works differently than most people, but I use “common sense” for most decisions and “coin toss” the rest . . .

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