Police: Aunt Shoots Niece Dead Hours After Wedding, Over Argument About Who’s Driving Home « CBS Pittsburgh

Why can’t people recognize their ignorance before they hurt others?

Police: Aunt Shoots Niece Dead Hours After Wedding, Over Argument About Who’s Driving Home « CBS Pittsburgh

Our subject story is about a young couple that just got married. While celebrating their marriage at a local watering hole with the Brides niece an argument ensues over who was going to drive the trio home, the niece gets killed by her Aunt. The Aunt just happens to be carrying a loaded firearm which might be the grooms weapon.

Okay, how stupid do you have to be, to carry a loaded firearm when partying? To have your new wife carry your loaded firearm when partying? To pull the loaded firearm from your purse and kill another human being without cause? To kill a family member without cause?

This situation is entirely just too stupid for any form of intelligent life to be involved. Is the groom a licensed/permitted person allowed to carry a firearm? If it was his weapon, WTF does his newlywed wife have the damn thing? If he had to give it to her for any reason, why was the damn thing still loaded. You simply DO NOT handle loaded firearms in this manner.

You see, to most people the Aunt is the person responsible for the death of the niece. This is a wrong assumption. Unless it was the Aunt’s gun. If it was the Groom’s weapon, he is responsible for it’s misuse. He should be charged with “negligent homicide” or similar charge because he gave his loaded firearm to somebody that had no justifiable reason to be in possession of the gun in the first place. That is why the Niece ended up dead.

A kid goes to school and shoots up the school killing others and more than likely also himself, who killed the other kids. Not the kid with the gun . . . But the stupid adult that provided the kid access to the gun. Every school shooting in the past that has involved a child in possession of a weapon of the parents responsibility should have resulted in the arrest and prosecution of the parents. For that matter, any person that uses somebody else’s weapon not stolen from the lawful owner, the lawful owner should bear the responsibility for the misuse of the weapon. Here’s a link to some notable cases from the past:  U.S. School Violence Fast Facts

It is simply ridiculous that in a Country that has the “Right to Bear Arms” that the proper handling and control of such arms is not addressed by law. Believe me, I am not in favor of further restrictions impeding our right to bear arms. But, the right to bear arms does not include the right to be negligent in the responsibility of having such weapons in our possession. If you own a weapon/firearm, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for it’s use and/or misuse. Accept that responsibility or turn in your guns. For Christ’s sakes folks . . . It is only common sense!

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