The U.S. military’s stealth dirt bike

Now here is a story I know you are going to like . . .

The U.S. military’s stealth dirt bike

Well, you’ll like this story if you have an interest in motorcycles. Okay, so I like the story!


Anyway. Since the early days of motorcycles, the military has had them. Most often military bikes were good performance bikes like Harley Davidson’s, but over the years many models from many manufacturers have found their way into the military. Presently the military is testing a multi-fuel dirt bike that has some remarkable features.


  1. JP5
  2. Diesel
  3. Avgas
  4. Electric
  5. Regular Gas


  1. 0 to 60 in 3.3 seconds
  2. In electric mode 100 mile travel range
  3. Can use pretty much any kind of fuel
  4. Top Speed 70 MPH
  5. 2 to 4 hour recharge time
  6. Only weighs 250lbs

Now these statistics may not really impress you, but think about it a minute. The ability to burn such a wide assortment of fuels alone should have you jazzed up on this story. And consider how quiet this motorcycle is in electric mode. Actually, this bike can get 100 miles out of it’s electric mode, which is roughly 2 hours. There are electric motorcycles that exceed this bikes electrical performance significantly. Also, the top miles per hour is being beaten by almost all of the other electric motorcycles available today. Come to think of it . . . What the hell is the military doing? They are not even keeping up with the retail electric motorcycles that anybody can buy from any dealership. Now, I am just damn curious. 

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