Police: Fayetteville teen poisoned grandma’s collards :: WRAL.com

Have we as a society created more ignorance, generation by generation?

Police: Fayetteville teen poisoned grandma’s collards :: WRAL.com


I actually do not believe we have become more ignorant generation by generation, but we have become much colder and quite possibly more prone to violence. It seems that in today’s society that a violent response to a situation is more acceptable than in the past. And, it appears to be common for our young to do things far more severe than in the past. Yes, similar situations have occurred in the past, but not nearly in such frequency, nor severity.

Take our subject story for example. Grandma takes away her teenage Grand-daughter’s cell phone privilege for some misconduct of the Grand-daughters. Then the Grand-daughter decides she wants to get even with Grandma. Whatever happened to accepting your punishment for your wrong-doings? It is a simple concept: you do something wrong, you get caught, you get punished. It is not supposed to be: you do something wrong, you get caught, you continue doing wrong when punished.

Anyway! The Grand-daughter dumps some nasty stuff in Grandma’s collard greens that leave Grandma seriously out of sorts. It seems the Grand-daughter was of the belief that killing Grandma an appropriate response to losing her cell phone privileges.   Now, this is where I question our ignorance progression.

When did it become reasonable to kill someone because you did something wrong and got caught? Come to think of it, when did it become reasonable to kill someone for such a minor punishment? And in this case, how is it reasonable to kill the person caring for you? I mean, where the hell are you going to go if you kill Grandma? I’ll just bet there are folks beating down your door wanting to take you home and support your dumb ass. Oh, I am sorry . . . I mean, your violent dumb ass.

What separates child-like conduct and adult conduct is a simple word; responsibility. Adults take responsibility for their actions. And where applicable, accept the punishment for their actions. Today, actually since the beginning of a civil society, children rush to be treated as adults. Kids just cannot wait to reach adult age so the can do all the bad things they are not allowed to do as children. And we expect that children will sneak and try doing these things, and accept their punishment when caught. I have no idea what the Grand-daughter did to lose her cell phone privileges but I have moved on to other conversation. If a person wants to be considered an adult, it seems to me that conducting themselves as an adult would be the first requirement. And, killing someone because you did wrong is not a reasonable response as an adult.

Violence in itself is not an appropriate response when it can be avoided. Sometimes that cannot be prevented or avoided, it just happens as needs dictate. But as an adult, you try to avoid violence as much as possible, or at least you should. Again with the idea of progressive ignorance . . .

Many criminals have killed, or harmed, just to do so. But, such was never the norm. Most often if somebody committed a robbery, you gave them what they wanted, and they left. Now, it seems no matter what level of cooperation they have to hurt somebody. Why? When did we find it acceptable to hurt and kill without need to do so? There have been numerous cases recently where the criminal could have easily taken what they wanted and departed all the richer, but decided to beat down or kill the elderly. Or, like the trio that killed the Aussie kid, because they were bored, why? Have we decided that being violent is appropriate conduct? Have we reduced the value of human life to so little that the response to boredom is murder?

Has our society created a progressive ignorance? Until someone can come up with a better explanation, I believe I have reached the correct conclusion with a “yes” answer. With this theory in mind . . . Some of you all need to stop having children. Seriously, give it some thought. If you already are a violent misfit, your Grand-children will likely be human flesh eating zombies. Oh, in case you were paying attention . . . If you go over to Grandmas, DO NOT eat the veggies!    

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