Monday, Again!

Damn, it is Monday already . . .


Well apparently it is Monday again. Does it ever stop? You know what I mean. Why do we have to do this every week? Hell, it feels as if Friday was yesterday. Where did Saturday and Sunday go? Maybe I am doing it wrong. Maybe I need to have more fun with my weekends. At least to the point of knowing I had a weekend.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just do your own thing in life. No, I do not mean get crazy with the world or commit violence or anything like that. I mean wouldn’t it be nice to just kind of do the things you want to do, and make money at it, at least enough to live on. Of course, anything you would do would have to be legal, so you cannot be doing none of the really fun stuff. But, think about it. It is Monday morning and you are stuck going to work again, when you wish you could be doing something else.

Myself, if I really could do what I feel like today . . . I would be a Motorcycle Test Rider testing touring bikes for long distance. Of course I would need to take my assistant, the voluptuous 25 year old “Sherry” with me for whatever assistance she can provide. Really, think about it. Driving a sweet bike down the highway with a hot babe tight behind you with nothing to do but enjoy the ride . . .

Okay, back to reality. Wishes and dreams are free, everything else costs something you cannot afford. Oh well, back to work . . .

Oh, here’s a cute little gal by the name of Kacey Musgrave singing “Follow Your Arrow” which is along my same line of thought . . .



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