Of The Many Things I am Good At, I Am Good At This The Most . . .

Some people are introverts, others are extroverts. Some are good at sales, some are good at eating snails, or telling tall tales . . .

Anyway, you get my point. In my life I have been quite proficient at a number of things, but the thing I apparently excel at is being what is called  “A Bullshit Artist” and the term is used favorably. It seems that I have the “gift of gab” and that coupled with being an extrovert allows me to feel comfortable most anywhere, even when amongst complete strangers. You have all met that guy, that is able to talk the “panty’s” off a young lady. Well, I am not him. I am the guy that she gave her panty’s to without talking. I jest, I really have no such magic. Certainly wish I did though . . .

What I can do however, is mix with people of a variety of backgrounds and simply feel comfortable enough to engage them in conversation and let them feel at ease conversing with me. I have learned that there are many people that cannot do this. Many people cannot stand before an audience and speak from a stage. I can do it without a second thought, and have fun doing it.

How did I get this way? I do not have a clue. Maybe my Mother suffered some sort of imbalance while she carried me during pregnancy. Maybe one of my older brothers “spiked” me on my head as a kid. I really do not know. As a young man, I never had issue meeting a girl’s parents, never choked on presenting my assignment before my class in school, and I had no issue approaching girls for dates and/or relationships.

And, believe it or not, this ability has got me in some tense situations, and then right back out of those situations. I am the type of person that would walk up to the bar and say hello to a young lady only to discover her Magilla Gorilla boyfriend had just stepped away for a moment, usually to return to his date to find her and I laughing and chatting away like old friends. You cannot talk to a fella’s gal without talking to him, so that is what I would usually do. I would also acknowledge and respect their relationship. Often I would end up with the couple and I becoming friends from there forward.

One of the most important aspects of my “gift of gab” is I do not intentionally disrespect anyone. I may toss a joke or two around that could be seen as offensive, but do so with all the charm and laughter I can muster, usually reserving such until I have gotten to know the person a little. I never try to be the life of the party nor the center of attention. And, I always try to be relaxed when meeting new people.

So why do I tell you all this? Because there are so many people out there now a day that play the “tough guy” role. You know who you are. No smile, no laugh, and always a hard look at strangers. Why? It is as if you feel it necessary to try to intimidate others rather than meet or talk with somebody new. Are ya’all afraid to make friends with someone? It just amazes me how many people walk around “hard-looking” people just to look tough. If it is so tough where you live that you cannot be social and cordial to strangers, I feel bad for you.. What good is living someplace where you cannot interact with others freely, without putting up a front. Hell, that isn’t living . . . That’s prison.

I’m serious! It’s like the sidewalks have become prison. You cannot associate with other races freely. You cannot smile and be friendly. You can only walk the yard acting like you the baddest  Muther f-er in there, and hope nobody badder than you takes up the challenge to shank your sorry butt. Let me tell you . . . Some of you folks just need to lighten up a little bit. Either lighten up or put a sign at the end of each block in your neighborhood, “D Block, “North Block, and so on.

Did I tell you folks I was good at running my mouth, I mean I have the gift of gab. Okay, shutting up . . . Good Night

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