Playground pot trade lands fourth-graders in hot water –

You know I really tried not to stick my 2 cents in this, but damn . . . irresponsible is irresponsible!

Playground pot trade lands fourth-graders in hot water –


Let’s just cut straight to the chase here. If you smoke, do, use, inject, snort, sniff, shoot up, or by any other means do drugs of any sort, at least be responsible enough to keep the shit out of kid hands. And, if you are stupid enough to be giving drugs to children and you know it, you are a “dumbass” that needs to just go turn yourself in to the police. Just tell them that you are “felony stupid” and need to be put in jail for your own protection.

Our subject story tells us about some 4th Graders that obtain some pot by sneaking it from the Grandparents of one of the children, who promptly goes out to be cool ands sells it to another kid. The real story here is the negligent Grand-parents not securing their weed from misuse by others. I’m pretty sure they didn’t believe their Grand-child such a little shit that they had to worry about his snagging their dope at least until he was in his teens. Guess what folks. You should always keep dope, booze, weapons, and things of a sexual nature secured from the prying eyes and quick hands of children. It is a “given,” you know, something you are just supposed to do. You shouldn’t need anyone to tell you to do this. You should just know this.

But incase you are unsure . . . SECURE YOUR SHIT SO NO KIDS CAN GET TO IT, DUMBASS!

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