Bowling in the buff

Now I have heard damn near everything . . .

Bowling in the buff


Do not worry, the really big balls are for bowling . . . It seems a Bowling Alley in Maplewood, Missouri holds an annual event for nude bowling, and it is a hit with some of the locals. Now, think about this; picture in your mind some guy going up to the lane and while nude and holding a 10 to 14 pound bowling ball does the “Barney Rubble” or “Fred Flinstone” type “twinkle-toe” approach prior to letting their ball rip down the lane. Sorry, I cannot see it being cool. My junk would be flopping around and slapping my legs and stuff. What if it hit the damn bowling ball. And, just think of the release stage where some almost stand on their heads releasing the ball. Get a visual; ass all up in the air, junk flopping all around, smacking the bowling ball, release goes off target and you good game suddenly becomes a 34 game in a moment. Hell No! I am at least getting dressed a bit for the bowling part of the activities . . .

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