The First Thing To Destroy A Young Persons Future . . .

Some may not agree, but in my opinion the first thing that can destroy a young persons future is an unscheduled pregnancy. Face it sex is enjoyable, sex is fun, and sex can be fantastic. But, sex can lead to accidental impregnation before you are able to properly care for a child. When this happens, be prepared to lose your dreams, watch your planned future dissolve away, and you to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Once that kid pops it’s little head out of that girl, you and that girl are financial partners for at least 18 years of your life.

Those of you that believe you have an undying love for one another will soon learn you didn’t have. This is because he does not want to get married. And if he does marry you, he won’t want to spend every night with your pregnant ass when he wants to hang with his buddies or spots a new skirt on the horizon. So if you married, divorce soon will follow. When he tries to start his future and cannot because now he can no longer attend school because he has  to support his child, his career goals suddenly go from College Grad with a career that pays over 100k per year, to any job he can get at minimum wage to maybe 50k per year. Of this he will be required to pay roughly 40 – 45% in child support.

The mother of your child does not have it real good either. Her social life is cut real short, she now has a single function, mother. Most likely she will have difficulty attending any schooling, so her career goals are shot to hell. Because she is now a single mother without adequate income to survive on her own she will eventually get angry and treat the kid like crap because the kid that she loves so much is also a ball chained to her ankle. All the good intent in the world doesn’t amount to squat when between his work and his friends, he no longer has enough time to be a father to his kid, and when he is forced to spend time with his kid eventually his anger will surface. So now, neither parent is acceptable as real parents. And who suffers? All of you. Both parents and the child eventually discover that their wonderful life full of hopes and dreams is nothing more than a fantasy never to happen in real life.

How could this dismal future of been avoided? Simple Birth Control. Regardless the method . . . Birth Control. And if you are a woman spreading your legs for a man to climb between them, you have to be the strong one and ensure birth control measures are used. I can hear all you women bitching already about how the guy should also take responsibility. Let me tell you, I am one of those guys and guys do not give a damn about anything but getting some of that when they have a hard on. They will lie, they will try to convince you that the “pull out” method works, and they will tell you how much they love you and you are their “one and only” for life. Have of my younger years were behind the lie that I had a vasectomy in the service. And, so many women fell for that lie. I should be guaranteed a space in hell for all the women that believed that lie. I do not know if I got anybody pregnant, but they wouldn’t have been able to find me to tell me later anyway. So, ladies do not fall for my bullshit, take responsibility for your birth control, or at least keep your legs together until you have made sure that the man has.

Now, do not misunderstand. I love my children. But when I look at how badly having children has impacted how my life turned out, the reality of how unfair having children before you are ready and can afford them is for everyone concerned.

Why am I ranting about this topic? Because I know a beautiful little 20 year old girl that is about to become sexually active in a relationship that she has recently become a participant in. Her Mother and Father love her but have failed to do anything to ensure their daughter does not end up a pregnancy statistic, and I cannot stand it. If you love your children, love them enough to help them prevent a pregnancy they are unprepared for. Pregnancy is meant for a time in a persons life when they have made the commitment of marriage and plan to spend their lives together, not before.

This is just my opinion folks . . . no need to let it get your dander up.  Even if I did piss you off, you should still discuss Birth Control with your children.

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