Opinion: I’m a gun owner and I want gun control – CNN.com

Gun Control is not the answer, RESPONSIBILITY IS!

Opinion: I’m a gun owner and I want gun control – CNN.com



Actually what is needed is “gun responsibility.” No child needs own a gun or handle a gun unsupervised by an adult. The exception of course being youngsters working on ranches and such where sometimes carrying a gun is a necessity of the persons job. I am not saying children should not be allowed to use and learn about guns. What I am saying is children should be allowed to learn about and use guns under the  supervision of an adult. And, when they are done the weapon is secured properly. Face it, children are far too volatile to be allowed firearms without supervision. The failure of “parental responsibility” to eagerly accept the responsibility for their child’s use and possession of a firearm is ridiculous. No Government should even have to consider telling a parent to protect their children from potential misuse of a firearm.

The failure of gun owners to accept their responsibilities as owners of firearms also is ridiculous. What should be “common sense” for any gun owner is that they are responsible for the use and/or misuse of their firearm and to ensure it is not misused the gun need be properly secured. This is another thing we should not have to be told by our government.

What will likely happen is sometime in the future a parent or other adult that fails to properly secure their weapon will be charged for the misuse of their weapon due to their negligence. In other words, the gun owner fails to secure their weapon, a kid picks it up and kills another kid, and the gun owner get charged for the murder/death of the weapon, which is as it should be.

We really do not need additional “gun control.” Do you realize that most of the shootings that have happened at our schools over the past 20 or 30 years were completely avoidable had the parent and/or gun owner just taken responsibility for their weapons? And, there is no justification for failing this responsibility. It is only common sense. You can sleep with a gun under your pillow any time you want. But you cannot leave that gun under your pillow for your child to discover and shoot his brother with it. Your teenager can have a gun for use when supervised by an adult, but for him to have control of 52 rifles, a bazooka, 14 hand grenades, and a partridge in a pear tree while you are at work is just plain stupid. Can you think of a single reason for a teenager to have control of a firearm without supervision?

Common sense dictates that gun owners are going to have to take responsibility for their weapons. Hopefully prior to their misuse and somebody else getting killed. I must admit that I like the idea of gun owners being charged for the failure to secure their weapon from misuse by others. I do not mean that a gun owner that has their gun stolen in a burglary should be charged for the murder committed by the criminal that gains possession of the gun. I mean that the gun owner that leaves his gun where his child or relative can access and/or use it  and people are harmed because of it.

5 thoughts on “Opinion: I’m a gun owner and I want gun control – CNN.com

  1. I agree with most of what you said. About that need for gun owners to take responsibility though I think in America, from a strictly outside perspective, one or two extra gun controls are very needed. Since 2000 I have heard on average one gun crime story from America for each year that has passed since, not including 2014. Now whilst that alone doesn’t necessarily indicate immediate gun controls will solve everything, some of the the factors that play into those acts do.

    I’m not sure exactly what the laws are in America on guns and ownership, but surely it can’t be at all responsible in today’s society for anyone under the age of 21 to legally own a gun that is kept in their home. Even then is it really necessary for every citizen of the U.S to have at LEAST one firearm inside their home.
    Now, not to say that they shouldn’t train to be able too use a firearm but wouldn’t it be both responsible and prudent that ONLY those over the age of 21 would be allowed ownership of a gun, and even then, only those specifically entitled should be allowed to actually have one in their homes? (People such as armed police, voluntary community officers and other such people). You could say that if people didn’t have guns they’d just resort to knives instead, however no argument can counter the pure fact that a guns CAPACITY for destruction is a heck of a lot greater than that of a knife and where as knives aren’t really something that could ever be truly monitered/policed since they are NEEDED in society with so many basic life essential things guns can be, to an extent.

    With the obvious exceptions, people don’t take responsibility unless they are given a reason to be, and sometimes the basic right to human life is not enough of an active incentive to do so.

    Think about it like this, by giving every Tom, Dick and Harry in America the human right to own a gun without any sort of ‘restriction’ or precaution is basically denying someone else of their right to be physically alive.
    People wear condoms to prevent CREATING life, so why can’t people take that same act of prevention when it comes to DESTROYING a life?


    • Mr. Murphy,

      So good to see you in my neighborhood once again. I really appreciate your comments. You always make me think things out a little further, from different directions, and a little less opinionated than before.

      The first firearm I ever held in my arms, yes I meant to say “arms.” The first gun I ever fired was an old 12 gauge Shotgun. The barrel was like 36 inches long. And, it kicked harder than anything else when you fired it. My first shot fired sent me backwards about 12 feet and landed me on my butt. I was maybe 12 years old.

      In many places in America it is necessary for most people to carry a loaded firearm because of animals mostly, including teenagers. I don’t mean they carry guns all the time. But, they strap them on enough to learn respect for them and take responsibility for them. Except for that one teenager in some rural town that . . . So, you understand that people will carry weapons in the places and times where appropriate. In addition, you will find that almost anyplace in any major/minor city/town there are numerous persons that lawfully carry firearms wherever they go. Most work as police, security, merchants, couriers, and others are of such status that their safety may be questionable. A lot of people damn near everywhere you go are carrying guns legally.

      Most of them get to carry weapons because the dark side of our society, our criminals, crazies, and the occasional nut job all carry weapons illegally, for their own protection against each other and the police. I would not even venture to guess how many people in America carry loaded firearms amongst us.

      It would be damn near impossible to stop teenagers gun ownership, but sure they will own guns . . . But wouldn’t it be prudent to restrict their physical possession of their weapons except when under supervision of an adult? I do not mean that the adult even has to be present with the gun and the teen. I am saying the gun stays locked up until such time as the parents approve of the use of the weapon. Something as simple as parents taking responsibility to ensure that little Johnny doesn’t have his gun when he is not supposed to. Give it a moments thought . . . Why do you want to give unsupervised gun possession to the age group that has tickets on the emotional roller coaster ride and is most influenced by peer pressure? Hell, puberty alone is justification for flipping out. It just simply does not make sense to not care enough about our children to take measures to prevent their killing themselves or someone else. The average teenager walks around with their hormones stretched tighter than a guitar string believing they must have something wrong with them. This calls for parental responsibility as the primary control. C’mon parents, love your kids enough to save them from themselves. You would be surprised how much this one interaction can open up a whole new level of dialog between you and your child. (just saying . . .)

      And, people . . . You just have to stop leaving your guns unsecured where others can gain access and use to it. This is the other responsibility I refer to. If gun owners would just take responsibility for keeping their guns out of children’s hands, there would be a lot of very young children still alive today. It seems like every week you hear of another incident in which a small child has found a family member’s gun and shot another child. How would you like to live the rest of your life with the guilt that because of your neglect, your son killed your sisters child? Let that sink in a bit. Could you live with that guilt? Could you ever face the rest of your family? What of your child? What kind of mental trauma will he have to grow up with. Look around you. If such a situation were to happen to you, how many victims would there be? It is mostly avoidable. All it takes is a little responsibility . . .

      Most of the gun related deaths in America could be avoided just by the simple act of taking responsibility for the firearms you possess, regardless if you are a thug, or a cop, a hooker or a housewife, a courier or a dope dealer . . . It doesn’t matter who you are. If you own a gun, you need to accept and take responsibility for it’s use and/or misuse. We are not talking about criminal acts or on duty shootings, which take many lives. We are talking about your family or your friends family, people you care about, the people you care for. Save their lives by taking responsibility of making sure they cannot hurt themselves or others with your gun.

      Thank you again, Mr. Murphy.


  2. It’s my pleasure Richards, you give thought inducing blogs that compel me to think and comment. I can imagine you running around with a gun in a… mostly reasonable way, haha. Seriously though I also learnt to use firearms at around about 12 too. Not at home but in the air cadets. Neither of us went on a rampage but not everyone at that age is nearly so level headed. The point you made about young people especially teens supervised is exactly what I had in mind. There’s no need for them to have their own gun in the home. It’s asking for trouble. That’s not to say they can’t train to use a gun. By all means they should, however it needs to be handled responsibly. It could be made that gunshops hold the guns for anyone under a certain age (I still think 21 is just about old enough) until such a time that they come of age and prove themselves responsible enough to have it in their own possession.

    And on your second point about gun owners being responsible, thing is no one LIKES taking responsiblity and many people own guns not having an inkling what that actually means. It’s not just about using and keeping guns responsibly but people also need to learn a respect for life too.


    • Okay, now I am going to take the conversation completely off topic. . . Air Cadet? Is that like “Boy Scouts” with airplanes? The reason I ask is because over here we have the Civil Air Patrol which is kind of like “Boy Scouts” but do their thing with airplanes searching for things like downed aircraft, sinking ships, survivors of either, and that kind of stuff Yes, I was a member of the Civil Air Patrol when I was a youngster.

      I also attended a Military Academy for a bit during my High School years. It was an Air Academy so again with the birds.

      And then, shortly after puberty ended up in our Navy, on a small bird farm (Ship that carries aircraft ) and later on a big bird farm (aircraft carrier ) ,

      Seems like we have a little in common. . .

      You know what is wrong? We don’t have a game to play together any more. There has to be some game out there to rival Pirate Galaxy. Really, there has to be. I know, I didn’t say a thing about the original topic. But, that’s your fault for getting me off topic.


  3. Hahaha, totally off topic but no complaints ‘ere 😀
    and boy scouts with air planes? yup, but only really gliders. Air cadets was awesome =) gave me a bit of disapline ya know 😀 Funny enough, that’s also where I learnt to shoot a rifle.

    and YES we need a new game, thing is I’ve never found one that matches upto pirate Galaxy in it’s prime, I’ve tinkered on a few that come within sight but non of them have the community or the… style anymores.


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