Opinion: What happened to Sterling was morally wrong – CNN.com

In the subject story the Author discusses the violation of Sterling’s privacy by the recording made. I can go you one step better, that nobody seems to discuss.

Opinion: What happened to Sterling was morally wrong – CNN.com


Not only is Sterling’s conversation being recorded by his younger, far more attractive lover, but the discussion is about her intentionally making him look bad by hanging with the younger ball players. Even if Sterling doesn’t love the lady, she is on his arm for a reason. I doubt the reason to make him look bad, even if only in his own mind. Doesn’t it seem mighty convenient that she would record this private conversation between herself and Sterling after her conduct came into question. No man wants the gal that came to the party with him, hanging with the boys in the band. Her place was expected to be beside him. Instead she was down flirting with the players. Sterling of course gets all butt hurt about it.

What Sterling said in exasperation to the young lady was due to her actions, conveniently recorded by her and subsequently released to the media. Does anybody smell something fishy about this whole deal. If Sterling had thought about his wording he likely would have said, “ Why are you hanging with the hired help when I brought you here to be with me.” But, nobody sees that. What they see is racism. What they probably should see is how coincidental everything in this situation is, the costs to Sterling, and the disgrace of an old rich man trying to hook up with a younger lady who probably choreographed this whole incident. Deceit comes in many ways. Somebody saw that Sterling was very well deceived and punished for being in a situation he didn’t see coming.

The young lady should have been happy hanging on Sterling’s rich arm. But was she there as his trophy gal, or was she a deliberate set up to bring harm to Sterling? Give it a little thought. How old is Sterling? What would cause him to be stupid enough to start talking racist? Oh, a woman . . .  

For the record, I know nothing of Sterling, never even heard his name prior to this incident, and do not really care one way or the other about this incident. I simply have looked at what the media has presented and think something other than racism should be considered. You let a man get all butt hurt because of a woman, that hurt will likely attack along racial bias and it seems to me a man Sterling’s age would have to be pushed to make racial attack. Just my humble opinion . . .

4 thoughts on “Opinion: What happened to Sterling was morally wrong – CNN.com

  1. Tut tut, I think Sterling coulda done better to temper himself. Though I gotta admit, even I’d get royally peeved if I saw mai woman flirting with another man.Yet women seem to LOVE pushing that very button. Can’t really say I entirely blame him for his actions/words in this case.


    • You see what I am talking about. Not a single person has suggested anything along this angle that I have seen. The boy got all butt because of the broad. And, it cost him millions . . . I still smell set up!


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