Got Lost For A Minute Today . . .

I did not mean to get lost, it just happened. Anyway, while trying to get to the Building Department for the City of South San Francisco I must have missed the turn ,or taken the wrong turn, or there was not a turn. I really do not know. I was probably day dreaming about some “skirt” or listening to the racket my motorcycle is making since I busted my speedo cable. I swear, it sounds like a coffee grinder with a bunch of nuts and bolts in it. One thing that happens when the weather starts getting good in the San Francisco Bay Area, is the clothing on young women, hell most women, seems to get less and less. Seems like the past couple days I have been spinning my neck trying to get a better look at stuff that is looking better than I remember it.

Enough of the “broad” talk, on to my story. So, I ended up lost running around South San Francisco. I ended up stopping at a combination “Flyers,” “Wendy’s,” and Truck Stop right off of Grand Ave. As I hadn’t yet had anything to eat I decided to pop into Wendy’s for a bite to eat. The place was a mad house of activity with a line damn near a mile long. I ended up sitting on my bike along the curb that follows the interior of the fuel island area and glancing at my cell phone. Having never used the “maps” application on my phone I thought to give it a try to see if it could resolve my being lost.

Well I’ll be danged! Not only does this little “maps” program give me the information necessary to resolve being lost, but by shoving my cell phone between my motorcycle helmet and my ear, it will even lead me there. Isn’t technology just a freaking wonder? I know – right? This is what happens when so much junk is thrown on a cell phone that the owner doesn’t have time to figure out what they are. I recently had to replace my old cell phone because in the middle of my day it decided it did not want to be part of the middle of my day. The replacement, a “smart” phone with the “android” operating system. A month later and I still cannot figure out how to download porn while driving, text while talking, or get it to play music while I watch movies, but I figured out maps today. Now if I can figure out how to get this helmet off without the phone ripping my freaking ear off . . .

Of course I am not serious. All I have to do is stop talking to my notes program, stop the motorcycle, and then after pulling the cell phone form between my ear and the helmet, I can re3move my helmet as I normally would. Oh, I figured out this talk to my notes thingy too! Now, I have to figure out how to take pictures of something other than myself. I have the phone screen facing me and the camera lenses facing away from me but all I see is me. I probably took a great movie of why not to ride a motorcycle and mess with your cell phone at the same time, but I cannot be sure because all it shows is me screaming as I pass through a crowded parking lot into the street. I guess I won’t do that again.

Anyway, thanks to the technology built in to my little cell phone I have found my way from where I was to where I am supposed to be. Kinda cool huh! I can even post to my blog from my cell phone if I want to.  Okay, so I am thrilled about the new cell phone and all the fun stuff on it. It is still just an annoying cell phone that you cannot escape without turning the damn thing off or throwing it away . . .

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