The goblin shark: A face only a mother could love |

Hey isn’t this a star from  a recent SCIFY channel movie?

The goblin shark: A face only a mother could love |


You know the movie I am talking about? The one where the group of lifeguards had to get in the lifeguard tower to escape the wrath of the tsunami and then the ugly sharks show up and want to play? Seriously look at the picture. Is that not the same shark that came up from the depths because of the construction blasting? The realism between this guy and the actors in the movie are remarkable. What I mean to say is it is remarkable that the movie sharks so closely resemble the “goblin” shark noted in the subject story. 

Goblin shark:

And, this is an ugly shark with his pointed head, angry looking teeth, and just ugly overall appearance. It seems even a little coincidental that this shark shows up so soon after the movie his brethren starred in.

Makes you wonder if somehow real “goblin” sharks were used for the movie. I know I am just talking nonsense, but it really is kind of backwards that we know more about outer space than we do our own oceans. We should have communities where people live in controlled environments under the sea, other than submarines.

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Why don’t we have undersea military stations capable of launching defensive attacks and monitoring vessel movement, with scientist working to unlock the mystery of the sea? Why haven’t we learned how to communicate with sea creatures so we could just tell the dolphins and whales where their lives are threatened?

Clipart Of A Black And White Country Boy Carrying A Worm On A Stick And A Frog In His Pocket Royalty Free Vector Illustration

I know it all sounds pretty silly until you give it some thought for a moment. Using today’s technology we could likely build a very versatile sea station in a strategic location allowing our monitoring of every vessel that passes within the area. Adding armament to allow defensive strikes the equivalent of one of our submarines would make it valuable for military usage. and as it would be a set in place facility it could have the ability to be concealed from others. Add a science team with a couple hot looking chicks and a hunk or two as part of the military unit and you have the makings of the next G.I.Joe Cobra movie. 

Okay, so I suffer from a mild mental disorder or an overactive imagination, when did that become a problem? Hopefully at least 75% of the planets population suffers from a similar disorder. If you cannot imagine it, it will likely never happen.

Anyway, back to our fish . . . If you went fishing, and pulled this critter from the deep, would you continue fishing there? Not me! He is too damn ugly for me to think of any kind of good result for him being in the same location as I. Plus, if you recall in the aforementioned movie, these sharks were released from the deep by a construction company that was using explosives for something and one of the explosions opened the way for these sharks to invite humans for their meals. Nope, I would be rowing my little boat ashore putting it on it’s trailer, and heading for a quiet little lake somewhere until I was sure the coast clear of these critters.

Oh well, gotta run, Good Fishin Mate!



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