Electronic Girl Band Tries to Sing While Having Orgasms – Cosmopolitan

There is something really hot about this video . . .

Electronic Girl Band Tries to Sing While Having Orgasms – Cosmopolitan


Not to slight the gals in the video, I know a couple gals that would make this  video “smoking” hot. But, when you realize exactly what these girls are doing suddenly these ladies look far more attractive.

You see, well actually you cannot see, but the premise is that these gals are satisfying themselves sexually while singing this song. No, you cannot see the actual act, but that may be why it has such a great appeal. Now, there is only one true question. Did they actually do it?

How about it folks? Are they real or faked orgasms? For a moment I said faked, but then it just seemed to take on it’s own reality and damn it seems real to me. But what would I know, every woman I have met has been practicing fake orgasms since they were 14 years old. If I recall correctly, all of them said they never faked it with me . . . Next week we will discuss how often women lie to their sexual partners .  . .

By the way . . . The best pleasure in life is sex. There is no drug, no booze, and no other act near as pleasurable as sex. The day my ability to perform sexually  arrives . . .  My goal at this time in my life is to achieve that 4 hour erection that the Viagra commercial warns you about, and then to let the local women know that I need their help.

“C’mon Baby, help me out here. It won’t go down . . .”

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