Teacher repeatedly hit in school brawl

At this point the teacher should be allowed to closed fist drop the student to the ground . . .

Teacher repeatedly hit in school brawl


Watch this teacher damn near get his ass whipped by two female students as he tries to break up a fight between the two girls. There is absolutely no reason for an educator to have to put up with the likes of this situation. He tried to break up the fight and they did not comply. That should mean that he now has the responsibility to stop the aggressor from continuing their misconduct.  Why is he not allowed to “face plant” the aggressor? Oh, I forgot. He is not allowed to face plant the student because there are so many parents that believe their child can do no wrong.

Listen up parents! You r wonderful little offspring are miserable, offensive, little shits when not in your presence. You think I am wrong? Video cameras need to be secretly be placed in classrooms nation-wide so that parents can see just what their little Johnny or Sweet Little Beth is really doing without their parental supervision. What parents fail to realize is it is not cool to be a good kid any more. It is cool to be a disruptive little thug or a victim of everything in life so they can be considered cool by their friends. The problem is that nobody tells kids the truth. Everybody goes through the same crap as the next person. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sooner or later everybody’s day sucks. And, those “thuggin” sooner or later meet their match and get “thugged” upon also.

And, parents that believe their child beyond reproach are usually blind to the type of person their child really is. Before anybody gets their panties all in a knot, there are exceptions, but is your kid one of them? Anyway, back to the subject story . . .

No teacher should have to break up a fight between students. But in the event they have to, it should be the teacher is allowed to use “reasonable force” towards the aggressor and if the teacher is getting attacked by the students, reasonable force should include smacking the student that hits them until that student no longer posses a threat to the teacher. And parents of the affected student should support the teacher that does so. Think about this a moment. Teachers spend more time with most children than their parents do, and receive very little respect for it. If a child has so little respect for their teacher that they choose to strike their teacher rather than do as they are told, where does the real problem lie? As much as I would like to place the blame on the student’s parents, I would be wrong in doing so. The true blame falls upon a society that chooses to enable a persons inability to be normal. And our Government has created such an environment by preventing parents and school personnel from punishing children that need to be punished. Now while all you “Don’t You Dare Spank My Child Liberals” get your panties knotted . . . Aren’t we a wonderful society. We allow our Government to take our children from us, we allow our Government to incarcerate our children for doing wrong, but we don’t allow even ourselves to spank our children’s asses to try to thwart their ongoing misconduct.

Yes, parents . . . You are so enlightened.

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