Understanding “Cool”


Since the beginning of mankind, man has always sought to be “Cool” without knowing what “cool” really is. Allow me to give you a brief at what cool is and is not for your reference. How would I know? Because I have been cool all my life.

  1. Cool is being yourself, not what you believe other’s think you should be.
    1. Putting on a front to appear as someone other than who you really are just makes you a “poser” and not cool at all.
  2. Cool is going about your day without causing harm to others.
    1. There is nothing cool about causing harm to others. Sure, you may think it cool. But, at least a significant portion of people will see your acts and you as quite un-cool.
  3. Cool is standing up for your “Rights” and the “Rights” of others, Cool is coming to the aid of a victim, Cool is stopping the abuse of others.
    1. There is nothing cool about letting your “Rights” or anyone else’s rights be violated, watching somebody be victimized or abused.
  4. Cool is not “following” like sheep because somebody else thinks something right or wrong.
    1. Our society is plagued with lies that make wrongs seem right. Everything from politicians to the guy that cuts your grass has their own group of lies to further their cause. Most people do, even yourself. Do not follow somebody else’s lies, seek the truth for yourself and lead instead of follow.
  5. Cool is doing something that you excel at and doing it well, regardless the opinions of others.
    1. So many people do not take classes such as band or play a sport, all because one of their peers says it not cool.  That peer likely caused someone to lose a dream. Yet, on that day you thought the peer cool. He was not cool, and you were played for a fool.
  6. Cool is not doing things you wouldn’t do if someone else didn’t tell you doing so was cool.
    1. If you want to drink, smoke, or do dope then do it. But, do not do it because someone else said that it was cool. Anything that alters your behavior and/or threatens the longevity of your life is a stupid choice. If you want to make such a choice, don’t let anyone else make it for you. There is nothing cool about doing any of these things to excess. Sure people will talk about you later, but you won’t like what they are saying.
  7. Cool is Honesty, Cool is Integrity, Cool is Ethics, Cool is Responsibility . . .
    1. Today, few people have any of these. Our Government, our Police, our Politicians, our Neighbors, and our friends likely would fail a test of any of these. The Cool person is one that has them all because he is the only one reliable enough to do what is right when necessary.
  8. Cool is giving a “Hand-Up” even when you know you are likely being played for a fool.
    1. Everywhere you turn there is somebody “pan-handling” or begging for a hand-out. Most the “pan-handlers” you see daily are making more money than you or I. Some are making as much as $100.00 per hour though such is not the norm for these people. These people are so organized that they have a seniority system for who gets the best locations and a scheduling system to ensure who gets what hours at these locations. If you find a pan-handler dressed in decent clothes . . . He is usually the one that is standing out there embarrassed lacking gas money to get to or from work. In my opinion, that is the person to help.
  9. Cool is taking responsibility for things like guns and dope to ensure they do not fall into the wrong hands.
    1. Almost daily there are reports of children finding somebody’s gun and killing another child. Almost as often there are reports of little elementary school kids bringing somebody’s dope to school. If you think you are mature enough to have a gun and/or do dope, you have to accept the responsibility for securing these things from children. lock these things up so only you have immediate access to them. Your gun or your dope killing a family member is not cool and carries some serious guilt with it.
  10. Cool is taking responsibility for driving a motor vehicle while buzzed or intoxicated.
    1. This is not rocket science. Driving high or drunk in not only un-cool, but it is damn stupid. Get someone else to take you home, take a cab, or do not drive. The only reason for driving under the influence of drugs or booze is an intent to hurt somebody. Not because you want to harm somebody, but because you know there is a strong possibility that you will do so if under the influence while driving. You want to party? Do so without killing somebody else.   

I am sure I could have added a bunch more to my cool list, but I believe you get my point. You will note that I made no mention about racism. That is because “cool” people already know that respect for all people is key to living in a decent society. You do not have to be any particular race to be a racist and racism will never be cool. For the most part “Cool” is just being decent to others. If you truly want to be cool, follow the information above. You do not have to be a fool to be cool.

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