Enough Of The Attack On Sterling . . .

Okay folks, this has gone on long enough. You have got to be stupid not to see exactly what happened in regards to Sterling’s rant. Sterling who is an old man was chasing a younger woman who wanted to hang out with the Players instead of hanging on the arm of the man she was with. The facts are, she set up Sterling for her own self promotion. She made Sterling jealous and when he struck out telling her to stop hanging out with the players, America immediately jumped to racial implications. Our oversensitivity to racism makes anything a man says subject to such immediate scrutiny that there is no fairness or freedom of speech. Anyway, Sterling strikes out telling the younger woman to stop hanging out with the Black Players because he is “butt-hurt” because he wants her for himself. And, she set it all up and recorded it intentionally to cause Sterling’s downfall.

I do not recall hearing Sterling say the word “nigger” or any other derogatory term for black people. He did show disfavor for Magic Johnson, but that is likely due to Magic’s sexual conduct leading to his aids infection. Sterling wanted the girl for himself, black younger men were her choice. So, why was she hanging with Sterling? The facts are that Sterling is not racist, does not mean any ill will to black people, and America has fallen for the trap set for Sterling hook, line, and sinker.

Sterling has owned his ball team for 33 years. How many times has he been called a racist in that 33 years? How much money has the players on that team made during the past 33 years? Every member of that team, and America need to get off Sterling’s ass and recognize that this whole incident is due to a young woman leading Sterling to believe they had a relationship, and she played him for a fool. 

And FFS, are you all stupid. Sterling does not give a damn that Magic Johnson is BLACK! He has an issue with Magic Johnson having aids . . .  And, that is probably what this whole issue is all about. Quit trying to make him a racist. If I got to label every black person that called a white person a “cracker” over the years, there would be a whole lot of folks on the list. Think about it folks, 33 years with a predominately Black team, dating a Black gal, why is he going to bitch about Black people? He didn’t. He was upset that the gal he was trying to spark a bit was hanging out with someone with aids . . .

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