‘Fundawear’ offers long-distance foreplay – CNN.com

Here’s the future of foreplay!

‘Fundawear’ offers long-distance foreplay – CNN.com


Our subject video discusses “Funderware” which is the addition of vibration devices to underwear that can be controlled by a Smartphone application.

Remember a movie a while back where the hot blond gal had something in her panties and a kid picks up the remote? I love this idea. but, I like playful stuff like this.

Imagine if you will . . . Being able to start her engine while still at the office, or riding the train on your way home. How cool is that? I would be evil. I would wait until she was trying to do something like make dinner and surprise her. What they need to do is make concealed in the underwear so she doesn’t know anything about it. Then take her to dinner or the movies. Yes, I am an evil evil man . . . I’d do even worse and take her out to dinner with her parents or her boss. Man, maybe I really am evil?

All joking aside, this product sounds fun and may prove to be very exciting for some couples. But as with all such devices, there are appropriate times and places for the usage. Please use responsibly . . . Right!

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