Every Attractive Woman Was . . .

I drive a motorcycle. It has taught me to be very aware of the motorist around me. Yesterday, as I was tooling down the freeway I observed a pattern that both shocked and scared me. Every vehicle driven by an attractive woman was piloted by an attractive woman on a cell phone. I am not talking 5 or 6 women. I am talking over 50 in a 45 minute drive in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not a single attractive woman that I came upon, was not using their cell phone. It gets worse. Some of the women were texting. Where the big clover leaf west bound before the Bay Bridge is, traffic continuing north towards Sacramento all have to cram to one side or the other dependent upon the direction they want to go. The choices are to the Bay Bridge or towards Sacramento. This is an extremely dangerous area for motorists. I observed no less than 6 women using their cell phones, two of which were texting.

Now this may not seem like such a big deal to you, but myself, I have an attraction to attractive women and I would hate to see the populace suffer a dramatic loss of such creatures. So, it kind of like I have a vested interest in this situation. Think about this . . . The headlines read, “SIX BEAUTIFUL WOMEN DIED DRIVING WHILE TALKING ON THEIR CELL PHONES.” What kind of crap would that be. I am not talking any racial divide either. It did not seem to matter the color of the woman’s skin. If she was a hot looking honey, she was yakking away on her cell phone. Age seemed to factor so far as texting was noted as the women observed texting appeared to be in their early 20’s. Talking did not seem affected by age. 20’s to 50’s yak, yak, yakking away. And, I know that one gal may have been in her mid 50’s but she looked 35 no matter what.

Now, I am not talking women that were dressed up fancy or were models (although many could have been). I am talking the regular commute traffic in which you have a varied selection of the Bay Area work force. I saw one gal driving a sedan wearing a skirt with her left foot pulled up to setting on her seat, her right leg extended to her gas pedal, her left elbow propped against her left knee with her cell phone held to her left ear and her skirt damn near to her waist. I cannot seem to remember the color of her hair though, but I am of the belief her hair was a dark color.

Good Looking Ladies you have got to stop. The world needs you to live long lives and yakking away on your cell phone during rush hour traffic is not the way to do it. Is it because you are attractive and popular that it is necessary to talk on your cell phone during your commute, or have you simply gone to beyond caring for your personal safety. Please don’t kill yourselves off by driving and playing with your cell phone. Personally, I would miss you terribly. There is only so much beauty in the world, many of you are part of it, let’s keep it that way.


(Believe it or not, this is a true story)

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