Imagine Being Phased Out By New Technology . . .

When Ma Bell started into business by the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in the 1870’s, do you think they ever imagined that years later Vonage, Skype, or any of the similar technologies would affect their bottom line. I mean, think about it for a minute. Ma Bell has been in business for a very long time (By Ma Bell I mean all of the telephone companies nation wide) and pretty much has a grasp on the market and the technology to have a secure place in the market. Then along comes Cable and “digital communications” launching companies like “Vonage” eliminating the need for a phone line so long as you had cable internet service. For 40 years of my life my home always had at least one phone line, usually more.

Actually. I think I may be putting the “cart before the horse here” as the phone companies came up with DSL Internet before Comcast came up with the Cable Internet, didn’t they? If I am correct then the story gets even more painful for the phone companies as time progresses. Where the telephone companies had a good launch at the Internet with their DSL Internet, it soon took a dramatic fall as the Cable Internet  took a significant bite into the market with Internet speeds many times faster than DSL.

Today, my home does not have a single phone line connection from the phone companies. But we have numerous phones active within our home.

Vonage jumped into the telephone business pretty quick by using digital cable lines. But, even Vonage lost to the cable companies when they created their own Internet Telephone. I had Vonage almost as soon as it hit the market, quickly dropping the need for a regular telephone company. My immediate savings was about $150.00 per month and I was thrilled by the savings all most as much as the phone performance. But then along comes Comcast with their “Triple Play” Internet, Telephone, & Television package and I left Vonage for the savings I believed I would get from Comcast.

Anyway back to my story . . . I was discussing how new technology slowly but surely is phasing out the traditional phone companies of today. In addition to Vonage taking a bite out of the phone companies market, technologies such as Skype and others with similar technology gave us Skype telephone services over the Internet via your computer. Skype has improved the technology dramatically allowing you to do almost anything you could with a regular phone including have your own phone numbers.

A few years ago, cellular telephones achieved popularity and again the traditional phone company suffer a loss. Although many of the traditional phone companies maintain a portion of the cell phone market, the loss to traditional land line use telephones had to be significant. My point; not too many traditional phone users anymore.

If you think about it, it is almost sad to consider how much new technology takes from the good dependable services of old. It makes the reality of how quickly you can go from being the top of the industry, to less.

A significant contributor to the technologies that impacted the telephone companies, are the cable companies. I’ll pick on “Comcast” as one of the key players. Comcast has control of such a significant portion of the market with their superior Internet speeds that most anyone that wants fast, wants Comcast. This would not be an issue were Comcast not so greedy. Comcast wants all your money. And, Comcast has plans for our futures also.

Comcast currently has plans of creating their own Internet Freeway, a costly service only for the elite that can afford it. To accommodate the ability of this service, Comcast has plans of making the rest of us pay for a metered service with capacity maximums that if exceeded will cost you additional charges. How can Comcast do this? Easy, they control a very large portion of the market. How do we get around this? Easy, some of you egg-heads just need to develop a new technology to reduce the need for Comcast.

(If my history of any of the aforementioned is not correct, please do not hesitate to correct me by leaving an appropriate comment.) 

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