Every Girl Should Cheat (At Least Once)

A very fresh point of view to an old story. Good job, hope you don’t mind the reblog.

Thought Catalog

Harsh AgrawalHarsh Agrawal

As a woman who values healthy adult relationships, I can’t stress enough that I abhor infidelity. I think a man cheating on a woman is just an emotional version of upper decking her toilet. When a man fucks a girl, he’s taking a dump in her pussy. But when a man cheats on a girl, he’s taking a dump in the top part of her pussy – her heart.

For these reasons, I despise men who cheat. But, I also feel that cheating, at least from a woman’s perspective, is somewhat necessary. Men and women cheat for different reasons. Sexuality for men is basic and shallow. They just love to have sex, and when they cheat, it’s only because they want to have sex with more women. Women cheat because they were wronged – because they are missing something in their lives. When a woman cheats, there’s a…

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