Student knocks Nimitz High teacher to floor; police investigation underway | News – Home

Here is another student assaulting a teacher incident . . .

Student knocks Nimitz High teacher to floor; police investigation underway | News – Home


This is absolutely stupid. And, the parents of this student need to be arrested for the offense committed. Parents provide cell phones for their children, but do not tell their children how and when they can be used. And, if the children have been told then the parent obviously has failed in their responsibility because the child doesn’t care to follow instructions. What I am trying to say is that cell phones have no place in the class room. Of all the cell phones in use in the video, do you think even a single phone was used for calling for help for the teacher?

As for the student, why is he in school anyway? Any 17 year old that thinks assaulting a elderly teacher over a cell phone is the right thing to do is demonstrating an abnormal tendency for violence and needs incarceration in the same jail cell as his parents who raised him that way. Parents, if you want to know why your kid is a “loser” just ask yourself who raised him that way. Every time there is an incident in which a child is violent, the parent of that child needs to be arrested and charged for the crime committed by the child.

I know everybody is screaming WTF right now, but look at today’s society. Today’s teenager is more violent than ever before. They lack respect for anyone or anything, including their own parents. Our Government has essentially tied parents hands, calling anything a parent does to correct a child’s behavior child abuse. It is stupid. The Government will take your child away from you when the end result is his poor behavior, incarcerating him long enough to ruin his life, but won’t let you spank your child to prevent it. Today, children do not fear anyone or anything because they cannot be punished by anyone. This is the fault of our Government, no this is our fault.

Everyone of us that is old enough to have been “paddled” by someone at the school we attended, left there saying, “nobody is going to touch my kid.” And, we have forced our Government to support that opinion. What a damn bunch of fools we are. The reason we grew up with restraint, respect for others, and a desire to avoid violence is because we were punished for doing wrong. Our parents punished us, our schools punished us, and we learned from it. We have taken the primary tool away that taught our children how to act right. Any parent that does not spank their child as a corrective measure to teach them right from wrong deserves the child they raised.

I know this not the popular opinion. But guess what folks . . . The way it is presently is more costly with no benefit.

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