Boy, 4, shoots himself in head with parents gun |

Here we go again!

Boy, 4, shoots himself in head with parents gun |


When are “gun owners” going to start being responsible for their guns? For that matter, when is the law going to protect people from gun owners that don’t take responsibility for their guns. I haven’t really check the statistics on this but it seems like every day there is another child killed by somebody not taking care to secure their weapon from use/misuse by others.

Our subject “Nancy Grace” video tells us about a 4 year old boy that shot himself in the head with his parents gun. The story says the parents not charged, why? Charge both parents with “negligent homicide” immediately. They may as well of taken the gun and shot the kid themselves, charge them for killing their own child!

I know it sounds harsh, but this stuff has got to stop. It does not take but a ten dollar trigger lock to make that gun safe from a child using it to kill himself. Ten friggin dollars. How would you like to bury your child because you were too stupid to buy and use a ten dollar trigger lock? TEN FUCKING DOLLARS! Isn’t your kids life worth ten dollars to you. What kind of life style are you living that you have to have a loaded gun in a location accessible by a child? You should not even have a child if your life is that dangerous. Oh SNAP! You don’t!

How about the rest of you macho gun toting stupid inbred sons-a-b#$%(^#? How many of you think you are cool with your loaded gun sitting around the house where kids can get it? How smart do you really think you are? Think you are smarter than a 4 year old? You’re not! Any kid can find your gun and without a moments instruction figure out how to fire it. The only question is who gets hurt. You think you are a tough guy? What is everybody going to think of you when your kid-brother shoots himself with your gun because you were so tough that you didn’t need to secure your gun?

“Mom, Billy shot himself with my gun”

“No, you killed Billy you stupid  . . .”

Think of the pain in your Mother’s eyes. Think of everyone knowing what an idiot you are? You are not macho, you are not tough, you are just too stupid to even own a gun.

Anybody that owns a gun and fails to secure it from access by others properly, and someone misuses that gun causing harm to themselves or another person, should be held liable for the act committed. Don’t misunderstand, I support our right to bear arms, and oppose damn near every restriction made to law that interferes with that right. But, responsible use and control of firearms is not part of that right, and it should be. IF YOU OWN A GUN, BE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT AND SECURE IT FROM MISUSE BY OTHERS! You do not need to by a $5000.00 Gun Safe to secure your gun. All you need is a simple $10.00 trigger lock.


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