Imagine if you will, that you could stop the Country from financial failure . . .

The thing most of America fails to understand is that everything that happens in this Country is because somebody profits by it. Elected Officials become Elected Officials because that is what the rich want to happen. Laws become laws when somebody figures out how to make money from it. And, Government consistently serves it’s benefactor.

What this means is:

  1. Regardless how valid your voice, nobody really hears unless it can be made profitable.
  2. Political support for your idea costs money.
  3. Even a law that can save millions of lives, will not come to be until someone can make money from it.
  4. And, that regardless the politics Government will follow the direction of money received.

Now, what if the reason we are doing so little to correct the budgetary problems our nation is facing is because Big Money does not want such correction for one reason or another?Seriously, what if the Big Money is making money off government programs and would lose money were they cut?  Even the best ideas presented for consideration to our Government may fail to get such consideration because one person of wealth doesn’t like it. America is not the land of the Free we believe it to be. America is the Land of the Manipulated by Big Money.

Big Money influence into the lives of everyday America  started years ago when Big Money first realized they could manipulate elections of Government Officials thereby seeing the Country accept their influence in the running of Government. Is this why we still are fighting the failed War On Drugs? Do you understand the costs for the War On Drugs? Review the statistics provided by the ”DrugSense Drug War Clock” below.


// DrugSense Drug War Clock

Consider the amount of money spent by the Government thus far this year. What if that money was put to better use? Over a TRILLION dollars has been spent by Government since the beginning of the War On Drugs. Do you not think there are those that have profited well during this time? Do you really believe all of this money went to the War On Drugs and none served to finance “Black Ops” activities? This is the Government costs, your tax dollars. Is there not a better way this money could be spent?

What about the costs to the Citizen due to the War On Drugs? As of this writing 671,343 people have been arrested for drugs this year. What do you think it cost them to defend themselves against those charges. I personally have no idea this figure, but imagine it significant. Isn’t there better use of an individuals money than feeding the Legal Beast created by the War On Drugs.

As a side note: There is a real big money winner created by the War On Drugs. In response to the War On Drugs, criminal enterprise created the feared Cartels and other criminal organizations world wide. The money received by criminals is untaxed amounting to over 320 Billion annually. Tax revenue were taxes paid is estimated to be approximately 46.7 billion dollars. Add 46.7 billion dollars to the “Total Spent” figure above to estimate how much money could be saved by regulation of drugs in much the same manner as tobacco or alcohol. But, that is not the subject of this topic . . .

With every industry that makes money, jobs are created. Do you have any idea the number of people employed less taxation nation wide to manufacture/grow, transport, and distribute illegal drugs? How many people do you think are standing on street corners selling dope? What if all these jobs were converted to actual tax paying jobs? How about the costs necessary for the unemployed that would not be expended because of new jobs created? Add the taxable incomes to our tax revenue noted above . . .

Now, consider the other services that would be created by regulation of drugs such as medical treatment, education, and intervention. This would likely create a good deal of tax paying jobs also. Add your estimate of tax revenue for these services to the aforementioned total.

And finally, consider the probability that regulation of drugs and any other Government expenditure could be paid for by the taxation received from it. This means the jobs created to regulate drugs would not cost the Government more than received in tax revenue. So, even if regulation was at it’s most extreme, jobs could be created without adverse impact to Government. Oh, almost forgot . . . Even if drug regulation used every bit of tax revenue received by sale of drugs, the Government would receive at least the “Total Spent” figure above in money not spent in waste on the War On Drugs.

Note: This is not a presentation supporting drug use and/or abuse. This presentation is to demonstrate the way our failed War On Drugs could be modified to benefit this Country rather than cause additional financial loss. I do not recommend nor suggest that anyone should do any drugs regardless if legal or not.  

I am a proud member of (L)aw (E)nforcement (A)gainst (P)rohibition and believe we have wasted 40 plus years on a failed War On Drugs, and that there must be a better way.

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