I Just Came In From . . .

A few moments ago I came in from feeding the chickens, ducks, and rabbits. I let the dog go out for a “squirt” and watered the garden prior to watering down the “earthworm beds” so they could have a little moisture today. I walked back into the house and sat down. Suddenly thoughts of my Father flooded my mind. My Dad and I did not get on too well for a good deal of my younger years. My Dad was an “Alcoholic” who beat my Mother on occasion. But, my Dad was still a Cool Dad in between that stuff. It did not happen often, but when it did I usually ended up getting the bad end of it. I didn’t understand until years later how crazy my Mother would make my Father. No excuse for the violence, but it sure put it in a different light. Anyway, back to my Dad.

Around 40 years ago in a land far away (Florida) my Mother used to own a Pet and Aquarium Shop and a little “Deer Park” which provided us all sorts of animals to have to care for. We had a pond out front that was routinely full of Ducks and Geese. Well, my Father would come home from work every day to these ducks and geese would come running to him as soon as he pulled into the driveway and follow him as he rushed from the car to get away from the ducks and geese chasing him. Every day it was the same thing:

Dad: “Ellie  those damn duck and geese chased me across the lawn again today.”

Mom: “Sorry Honey”

Dad: “I hate those damn ducks and geese. You just wait, one day I’m going to wring their necks and you will have to cook them.”

This went on day after day for at least 5 years. My younger sister and I were very well informed of my Father’s hatred for the ducks and geese.

One morning I had to get up early for something, I cannot recall what at this moment but it required I get up just about the time my Father would leave the house heading to work. So here it is like 6:00AM and I hear my Dad leave the house, followed by a bunch of noise from the ducks and geese, so I look out the window. Do you have any idea what I witnessed?

At 6:00AM every morning my father would go outside, start the car to warm it up, and then stand at the edge of the pond with a loaf of bread and feed the ducks and geese. I said nothing to anybody about what I had witnessed and it continued for a long time. After my Father died, I shared the story. My Dad was a character and he was always trying to have fun. It wasn’t until I grew up a few years later that I realized why the ducks and geese chased him when he came home from work. The story still puts a smile on my face even today.

Thanks for reading . . .  

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