This Past Week Has Been Nothing Less Than Terrible . . .

First a young man that has some serious mental issues and a failure to deal with his inability to meet women decides that the world is at fault for his problems and after planning for months to strike out at the world  chose Friday night for his “Day Of Retribution” killing six and injuring seven. The link appears below to the story.

There is a lot of speculation, and even finger pointing blaming guns for the incident. But, prior to using his guns the suspect actually committed three murders using a knife. This situation was this kid’s head was not screwed on right and the people that should have recognized he had a problem failed to do so.

It appears as though we have youngsters in today’s society that believe that they should have a wonderful life and they are entitled to it. I am not just talking about the suspect involved in this case. I have met some of these youngsters. They do not feel it is necessary they do anything to have this misconception of a wonderful life, they are entitled to it. Sorry youngsters, but the truth is you have to work hard in this life to get ahead, then there will be someone that will try to take anything of value from you. Every day of your life will be filled with predators. Your Government, your Employer, and your Friends are top on the predator list. You either grow up and deal with it, or you don’t. It is nobody else’s job to find you a way to lose your virginity, or support you for the rest of your life. Life is a “Crap Shoot” and there are more losers than winners. Your entitlement is nothing more than a lie, nobody owes you anything.

‘Twisted world’ of a ‘kissless virgin’


In another story, in 2004 a 15 year old girl left her home followed by her Mother’s boyfriend who told the girl that the Police had been called to deport her. He kidnaps the girl and this past week she escapes from him. Since 2004 the man used her, she had his child 3 years ago, and he has forced her to marry him. When Police search the home they discover chains and other evidence the girls story true. To further raise disgust in this case, the girl’s family was afraid to report the man because he threatened them with turning them into authorities as “illegal’s” and have them deported

Why kidnap and rape young girls, enslaving them for years when they do not want to be with you. There is so much “free” stuff out there begging to be with someone that will treat them right . . . It just seems so ridiculous.

Anyway, on with this story. The part most irritating of this story is that for 10 years this girl was this guys victim. The family knew where she was. The family knew who had her. And for 10 years they were afraid to do anything about it because of their fear of being deported by Immigration. Illegal immigrants are forced into prostitution, labor, and other situations unfavorable to our society because they fear deportation by Immigration. How is this acceptable by our society? How much longer are we going to wait for Immigration Reform in this Country. If they have lived and worked here for 10 years isn’t it about time that they pay taxes and have to learn to live without being victimized by every prick they come across?

Neighbors baffled that California woman missing for decade was kidnapped


Next we have a mud-slide in Colorado 4 miles by 2 miles in size that leaves three men missing because they went to check it out.

The reason this is troubling is 1.) Are you serious? There is a mud-slide that has destabilized eight square miles, and you want to go check it out? What, are you nuts? And 2.) Why are we suddenly having mud-slides of such severity? The recent Oregon mud-slide and now Colorado. Anyway, the link to this story is below.


3 missing after massive mudslide in western Colorado


The media is filled with trauma, drama, and terrible. I just cannot bring myself to keep on with this topic, so I will end this here. I thought of a much better topic . . .

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