Snowden says would have much to tell German inquiry – magazine

You people still think Snowden a Hero?

Snowden says would have much to tell German inquiry – magazine


Sooner or later Snowden is going to disclose something that is going to cause the US irreparable harm. If he thinks that the other countries are not doing the same spy games on us, he’s stupid. Some folks are stuck on the “Snowden is a Hero” thing, but they fail to realize that Snowden is not even a “whistle-blower” in this situation. Snowden under guise of being an employee of an NSA contractor made a pre-meditated infiltration of the NSA with ill intent towards the US Government. He did not infiltrate the NSA to find the information about NSA abuse to US citizens. He found that along the way. He intentionally sought data relevant to  NSA activities on foreign soil and stole an unknown amount of secret documents regarding such.

His idea of “transparency” only works if other countries are also transparent. Personally, I believe he is paid by a foreign government or by his media friends, who also fail to recognize the rest of the world exists and does their spy games on us. Were I President Obama, I would pick up the phone and offer Russia money to find Snowden dirty and jail his ass for years to come. No, it would not bother me the illegalities of my request. And, Snowden’s being incarcerated in a Russian prison would not break my heart a bit. Or, order the CIA to “cap” his ass. Either scenario works just fine for me. His 15 minutes of fame are up, throw the switch . . .

What bugs me though, is how people can believe that Snowden is a hero at all. He did nothing heroic. The data collected by the NSA is still being collected just as it always was, on phone company databases. It is not like you can make a call and it not be recorded somewhere. Every phone call you make, every text you send, every web site you visit, and probably everything you buy is all recorded in somebody’s database. Oh I forgot Television. Yes even your local cable operator probably maintains a database of your television viewing activities. If you think anything you do is not recorded somewhere, you are wrong. Marketing Research is far more a threat to US privacy than the NSA will ever be, and they do not care about Constitutional Rights violations.

Along those same lines, no foreign government cares if they are violating our Constitutional Rights with their spy games. Not a single foreign government, even friendly’s, care if the violate the US Constitution with their spy games. But Snowden thinks it appropriate that he tell them about our spy games while we stay in the dark about theirs. Snowden is little by little trying to place the US in a situation where we have no intelligence about foreign soil without disarming them at the same time, and we will pay for it dearly.

What has not yet been discovered is who Snowden is working for. He did not do this alone. He is nowhere near that smart. Somebody has been pulling strings on this puppet, and he needs to be uncovered . . .

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