Not To Worry Folks . . .

Seriously, I haven’t run away from home. But, I did screw up a perfectly good computer. I screwed my computer up real good. There was smoke, sparks, and even lots of noise. Oh, the noise wasn’t the computer. The noise was me, first cussing like a sailor then crying like a pre-teen little girl. After the smoke cleared, my Windows 8.1 was 0.

I swear all I tried to do was make a quadruple boot machine out of my little computer, adding Ubuntu 14.04, and it decided it didn’t want to cooperate. Actually, it was stuck on a “Grub Rescue” issue and instead of fixing it properly, I scrambled Win 8 all over my drive. I do not know quite how I did so, but I have Windows system files and folders all over the place. So, being a reasonable person of moderate intelligence I did what anyone with a lick of sense would do. I kicked the son-of-mainframe right square in the power supply, picked it up, threw it out the front door, then kicked it again, picked it up again, hugged it to my chest, and ran back into the house saying, “Don’t worry Baby, we will fix you up just like new.”

Okay, none of the preceding actually happened other than I screwed up my Windows install and cannot find my dang 8_1.iso file to fix my Windows. I know it is on one of my hard drives, but which one? And since I cannot boot into Windows, JoliOS, or Linux, it is rather difficult to just do it with the 8.1 installer. But tonight, I have successfully made it into Ubuntu and all these issues is about to disappear real soon. All I have to do is break out the sledge hammer and the crowbar, gather the “gorilla tape” and a couple  of paper clips. Toss all of it in a bag, include all of my Windows disks from 3.1 to 8.1, shake vigorously, say three “Hail Mary’s” and hope for the best.

I figure I’ll be back to doing my blog right on schedule right about the time Windows 10.2 is released. Of course it will likely upgrade all of my scattered Windows installs and reverse engineer Ubuntu as retribution for today’s episode. Or hopefully, I should have this worked out by Monday.

So in the interim, please take advantage of the opportunity to read back to some of my stuff from the past. I know I wrote something entertaining if not interesting that you will enjoy.  See ya Monday folks!

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4 thoughts on “Not To Worry Folks . . .

    • Not only am I unable to do a system restore, but I do not have a working Windows Operating System. And apparently, Microsoft cannot provide me a working .iso install so I can repair my windows for less than $100.00. I already bought the program once, why should I haveto buy it again. Teach me not to make immediate copies when buying from “downloads.”


      • Oh. I had problems updating an anti-virus program I had. Long story short, they never updated it! And I paid for it! When I asked for a reimbursement, they only gave me a partial. I never used them again. I don’t buy from downloads anymore, I make sure I get a disk.


      • Yeah, but I am dealing direct with Microsoft. And they are telling me that they do not have my CD key on record either. I paid to have them send me a backup disk . . . I’m still waiting.


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