Can You Imagine . . . The lack Of Privacy?

We have all seen the Photographers chasing  movie stars and other celebrity, cameras at the ready, just waiting for that “million dollar” award winning opportunity to happen for them. We have seen celebrity “wardrobe malfunctions” caught on camera  and sensationalized as though we shouldn’t expect a woman to have breasts. And, we have seen stupidity go viral when some poor person does something unexpectedly less than dazzling, caught on camera.

But, is it really necessary that the media be there to expose, or should I say over expose celebrity when an act of God causes her dress to fly up flashing those nearby a “panty” shot? That is what happened to the “Dutchess Of Caimbridge ( Kate Middleton ) recently while visiting Australia I believe. I think the gust of wind that raised our fair lady’s skirts was delivered by an helicopter which if you know anything about helicopters, anything they do is an act of God.

My point is simple . . . Why is it necessary to exploit every celebrity’s misfortune as though we should expect it unreal that they have such events in their lives at all. Every woman that has ever worn a dress subjected to strong winds has had a similar experience, and although it may have raised an eyebrow or two usually in appreciation, it does not require the media embarrassment of the victim. I do not believe their are many that can speak disfavorably about the Dutchess and I believe not many would suggest any part of the woman unappealing, so why is it such a big deal? Does anybody not expect there to be a woman’s anatomy beneath the woman’s dress? Frankly, the only news worthy event that I would expect is if there was not a woman beneath the dress.

Folks, we all have similarities in the physical appearance of our unclothed bodies. It matters not if it’s Britney’s bearded clam or Miss Jackson’s “nip slip” we all expect there to have been human anatomy beneath those garments. The only thing unexpected in the event was some “butt-wipe” with a camera fixated on the person. Why do we find it necessary to go to such ridiculous lengths to demonstrate misfortune as though it a wrong-doing of the celebrity? 

Do you realize that today, there is likely no place you can go outside of your home that does not have a camera aimed upon it and you? Seriously. Retail stores, street intersections, and even the public areas for most anywhere we walk  in our daily travels , has the watchful eye of a camera trained upon us. How many times did you scratch your “balls” today and where did you do so? It is probably in somebody’s “caught on camera” database? Does it not make sense to complain about the loss of privacy created by being a celebrity and slapping the taste off the face of the jerk that won’t allow even the wind to blow your skirt up without making you an international spectacle.

I know without a doubt, that had the woman not of been celebrity, the photographer would not have taken the photo public. Had the woman not been celebrity the publication that used the photo would not have done so. And, had the woman not been celebrity the rest of us would not have demonstrated such poor taste as to even care the woman flashed  her panty clad ass to the wind. 

Here in America we feel the threat of someone like Edward Snowden having the ability to invade our privacy under guise of working for the NSA and later disclosing the information to hostile nations. Think about how often you are photographed while you scratch your testicles, pick your nose, or the wind blows your skirt up, and thank your lucky stars that nobody gives a damn because you are not celebrity enough for anybody to care you did so.

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