Be Kind. F*ck Nice.

Hope you don’t mind the reblog . . . I like the message.

A friend recently asked me to write a letter to people who are always worried how they’re coming across to others. She doesn’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings by sharing hers, but she’s also sick of editing herself. In her awesome words, “I mean, when will I stop fretting over this sh*t?” (Oh dear, someone might be offended by my language. Oh well. F*ck it.) Sound familiar? Do you constantly censor yourself because you’re worried about other people’s reactions?

In our hunter-gatherer primitive nature, women especially have an inherent urge to nurture and protect. So it is completely natural to care about the feelings and opinions of others. What tends to happen, though, is that we too often put those feelings and opinions above our own. I’m not saying we shouldn’t care about how our words impact other people. Of course that matters. But the more we hold back our authenticity, the less connection we feel…

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4 thoughts on “Be Kind. F*ck Nice.

  1. Sad fact of the year though. Often if the case that people within earshot of your authenticity will find a way of being ticked off about it. We live in a world where sometimes being politically correct is more important then both common sense and actually being right.


    • Say m8, How ye be? This is actually a reblog of a post by a fellow blogger that I found interesting and thought I would share it with others. I think the writer has a valid opinion. We really do spend so much time trying to ensure we do not offend others that we tend to choke ourselves with political correctness. I hate to bring race into the picture, but as a white man I spend most every moment ensuring I not say something that would offend someone of another race, while the same is not true of others discussion which may offend me. I do not know how it is across the pond where you live, but in America they be looking for a fella to say the wrong thing at the right time just to make a fool out him. And, it is not just racial. There are folks about that seem to have far too much free time on their hands that seem to “troll” everywhere trying to incite stupidity. And, it should not be that way. People have grown way to sensitive. People need to learn to see the humor in some situations. How many times does a young man say something sexually offensive per day? Don’t you see the humor in the fact that it is often every time he opens his mouth until he matures a bit. What I mean is rather than get all butt hurt over it, laugh at his lack of maturity and let it go . . . Am I making sense here? What would happen if every time some troll tried to incite stupidity by response to a blog, if rather than even entertain letting it anger you, you simply laughed at the stupidity of his comment and let it go? Just a thought . . .


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