NASA physicist imagines a warp-speed starship –

Proof Of Aliens On Earth Has Been Here For Years . . .

NASA physicist imagines a warp-speed starship –

Ask people you meet if there is life on other planets, many will laugh at you. Others will quickly say “yes” and usually give you supportive dialog for their opinion. But, a lot of people are seeking actual proof of an alien existence before weighing in on the topic. I believe the truth has been before our eyes for years.


Look around you, what do you see? If you look closely you will see technology and scientific discovery far beyond our wildest dreams, but certain things could easily lead one to believe there are visitors from outer space among us. I’ll just toss out a few more recognizable names:

George Lucas: Came up with the movie “Star Wars” I believe in 1977, which means the idea must have been in his head far earlier than 1977. Now I ask you? Where does anyone back in 1977 come up with such craziness and not find themselves hospitalized for doing so? In 1977 we were all too wrapped up in shutting down the Vietnam War, and making military people feel uncomfortable for walking on the grass, and doing dope. But, even the best drug induced hallucinogenic experience one might have had back then was likely bra-less young ladies flashing themselves at young guys while driving down some coastal highway. So, where does this guy, George Lucas come up with the idea for Star Wars?

Gene Rodenberry: Came up with “Star Trek” way back in the “60’s” I believe. How is it possible that Gene Rodenberry got this idea in his head way back then? Star Trek to this day still has one of the biggest followings of fans that believe every bit of the story line may possibly be true. Consider the actors that played in Star Trek. William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy appear not only well suited for their roles in the movie, but aren’t they also very comfortable in their roles?

The explosive growth of computers and computing may very well  have been the exposure of an alien technology to the world by some well known names. Do you really think a couple of youngsters thought all of this up in their garage and made it happen do you? Gates and Jobs and likely some top names from the likes of IBM and other technology firms seem to exceed human capabilities in a number of ways. For over twenty years Gates and Jobs have been feeding the world technology like it is based on a timeline so as to not confuse the users, allowing us humans to understand it bit by bit rather than scare us with information overflow. Have you noticed how they botyh are on the same time-line?

Our own space program. Do you really think the average American had the mental capabilities to just send us to the moon and further? Nope, had to be someone way back in the beginning that knew something the rest of us could not even imagine. I suspect Gene Rodenberry snuck in the back door over at the Space Program and dropped little tid-bits of information off that lead to our travels into space. And, why have so many of our real space craft resembled space craft of Star Trek? 

Now, I am not saying that Lucas, Rodenberry, Shatner, Nimoy, IBM, nor our Space Program staff are aliens. Well, maybe that is exactly what I am saying. I am telling you, I grew up way back then. Our minds were not that sophisticated to come up with the ideas these people brought to life. So, where did such ideas come from?

The aforementioned persons may very well not be aliens from another planet, but can we rule the idea out completely? There are others that bear alien consideration. Think about it. What planet do you think Lady GaGa came from? What about Will Pharrell, or that 8 year old Asian Guitar girl? Look around yourself. I mean look at the people around you at this very moment. Do you see somebody that really stands out from the crowd? You know, too smart, too cute, too sexy, or just stranger than most? Am I right, are there aliens among us?  What, you still don’t believe in aliens? What about Big-Foot?

Holy Crap! Are ya’all aware today is “Friday the 13th?”

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