Dad Catches Troy Tulowitzki Home Run While Holding Baby on Father’s Day | Bleacher Report

How COOL is this!

Dad Catches Troy Tulowitzki Home Run While Holding Baby on Father’s Day | Bleacher Report

Imagine walking out into the bleachers with your baby wrapped in your arms, just in time to catch a home run hit single handed. And then, imagine doing so without skipping a beat. Watch this guy walk through to the bleachers to head to his seat, reach up catch the home run ball, and then just continue walking to his seat like it was nothing but just another part of his day. I would be going crazy. I wonder what he will feel about it after seeing himself on video. This guy is solid, ice running through his veins, no visible response at all.

Have you ever caught a “homerun” ball when visiting a ball park before? I haven’t. This is one of those “most cool” things that happen in a persons life that cannot be denied. I mean, you have the ball, everybody sees the video, and if you are smart you ask the player that hit the ball to autograph it for you. Fifty years later your grand-kid is telling the story to his cub scout troop and showing off the ball. And, the ball has value. Real value, dependent upon how famous the ball player becomes. Imagine passing that down your family tree, generation to generation.

Maybe I seem to be overly excited about this situation. But think about it. Look at that video again. How random can life be? The average person would have walked out to the open and likely been unprepared for a ball flying through the air, directly at them. The average person either would have missed the ball or been hit by it. Not this guy. He looks up, shifts the kid to one arm, reaches up to pluck the ball from the sky with his bare hand, catches the ball, and then just as cool as can be continues walking towards his seat in the bleachers. And, did it on “fathers day” while holding his baby. I wouldn’t be surprised if the baby grows up to be a baseball all star.

If I were Troy Tulowitzki, the ball player that hit the ball, I would be seeking the guy  who caught the ball. Because although Troy hit the homerun ball, the guy catching it really made the hit cool. Okay, so maybe I apply a little more cool to the situation, but it is a really cool situation. Well, at least click on the link above to watch the video of this guy catching the ball . . .

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