Optimism about the 2014 economy is fading – Jun. 16, 2014

The Answer Is Right In Front Of Our Faces, But We Are Too Stupid To Listen . . .

Optimism about the 2014 economy is fading – Jun. 16, 2014

As our economy continues to fail and our government gets weaker and weaker, the answer to our financial woes sits right before our eyes but we are too stupid to see it.

The American economy needs a quick fix to generate jobs, taxes, and growth. The only industry that can provide almost an immediate change to the economy is drugs.l I am serious. The illegal drug trade will likely be 400 billion dollars this year. That is a lot of money, untaxed at any level. Can you imagine how many people are employed in the illegal drug trade to transport and distribute illegal drugs? All of those jobs are tax free, no income taxes paid to any government.

Why are we allowing criminals to control drug trafficking? It is simply ridiculous that an industry with so much money being made, is not paying taxation and filling our government coffers to the brim with tax dollars. There are many reason why drugs should be legalized in the United States, but none as notable as this. The War On Drugs costs us about 70 billion dollars per year, and does nothing beneficial for the United States.  Legalization of drugs would likely provide 36 billion dollars in sales tax revenue alone. Add 70 billion dollars not spent on the war on drugs and we now have 100 billion dollars in tax revenue.

I have no idea how many people work in the illegal drug trade, but believe it to be a substantial figure. What would happen were those jobs converted to lawful income tax paying jobs? There would be a whole lot of taxation going on, very little unemployment, and jobs to support legalization of drugs would be developed. America would have a spring-board to improve it’s economy. People can find numerous excuses for prohibition of drugs, but none that financially does anything beneficial for America. People that want to do drugs, will. Why are we letting them make criminals rich instead of feeding our country the much need boost to our economy, is only the blame of the short sighted that fail to see that the only reason not to support legalization is a desire for the government to think and act for you.

America stands on the atop a fence waiting to see if we fall due to our lack of acting on this. Stop allowing criminals to control drugs. We need to legalize, regulate, tax, and educate the drug trade to the financial benefit of this country, and do so soon . . .  

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