3 Reasons to be Bullish on Marijuana

I am a Speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, an organization 100,000 + strong combined members and supporters. LEAP’s membership is Police, Prosecuting Attorneys, Judges, and other people in our Justice System. This week I was a guest speaker at a Rotary meeting. One of the topics raised by my presentation was the investment values of gold vs. drugs. It is no surprise to me that marijuana is presenting some excellent investment opportunities.

3 Reasons to be Bullish on Marijuana

We as a nation are really missing the boat on the advantages of drug legalization. The potential for financial growth to a nation that is struggling to keep it’s government finances in the black, is astounding. Taking the control of drugs from the criminals and the government regulating drugs in the US will do a couple really significant things:

  1. It would put an end to the gang and cartel related violence relevant to drug transportation, sales, and distribution.
  2. It would make drugs safer for use by those using drugs.
  3. It would create an astounding amount of jobs
  4. Jobs create income taxes
  5. It would take a 400 billion dollar untaxed industry and make it taxable
  6. It would create new industry jobs to facilitate education and support services
  7. And, it would save the US 70 Billion dollars per year, currently spent on the War On Drugs

Leap does not support drug use. LEAP does however support the removal of drugs from criminal control which does present a number of excellent investment possibilities for the future were legalization successful. The United States Government has been negligent in it’s War On Drugs and failed to provide any benefit to anyone other than the criminals. Isn’t it about time for change? 43 years of failure and abuse to US Citizens has not provided a resolution to our drug problems, so why not try a different path and allow the Country rather than criminals benefit from it.

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