The Integrity Of Big Business . . . Or, Comcast Screws A Customer

comcast_tI know of a gal that has been getting the shaft for about 5 years now and she calls them on it, only to get shafted again. What I am talking about is how sometimes even if you are right, big business still gets over on you.

Anyway, this gal set up to use Comcast at least 5 years ago. She had planned on having 3 televisions, one in the living room and one in each of the bedrooms. When the Comcast Technician came by to do her install it was decided that as the televisions for the bedrooms were not yet there, that no installs for the bedrooms would be done. And, there wasn’t.

Fast forward to present day. A Comcast salesman trying to make a sale drops by her house telling her how she can lower her Comcast bill by changing her subscription to take advantage of the specials pricing being offered by Comcast. Well the gal questions why her bill always seems to gradually climb from the expected service charges to almost twice as much. So the salesman offers to review her bill with her. During his review he makes note of their being 3 televisions with a cable box for each. She tells him she only has one cable box in the residence, and that there never has been more than one cable box since she began her service. Apparently the lady has been paying to rent 2 cable boxes she has never received, and has been doing so ever since her service commenced.

Now if you were to look at your Comcast bill, you likely will not be able to identify the charges that are applicable to cable box rental because it does not just say “Cable Box Rental.” No, this charge is hidden under some other weird charge. My point being, that had the bill of shown “cable box rentals” the lady would have been able to see the error long ago and ask the correction done. Well, after learning that she had been overcharged for years she contacted Comcast Billing.

Her first attempt at correcting the problem, she was past due on paying her bill. Comcast which had been overbilling her for years told her that she would first have to bring her bill current before they could address her issue as their computer system would not allow access to do the correction when the account placed in a “past due” status.

Her next attempt was when she brought her account “current” by making the required payment. After she paid her bill, they offered her 90 days credit on the overcharge telling her that that is as far as they can go back to “credit” an account. This did not sit well with the lady who asked to speak with a supervisor.

Her attempt at getting the correction to her account via the supervision met with a little more credit to her account. The supervisor allowed a credit of 1 year. Does this seem reasonable to you? I do not see any fairness in the resonse by Comcast to this situation at all.

During the past 5 years or so, every time the lady was unable to pay the bill as presented by Comcast and paid late, the lady was charged “late charges” or other penalty. Your Comcast bill back years ago was hard enough to manage. Your Comcast bill today is almost equal to your car payment and Comcast will shut you off far sooner than the bank will repossess your car. And Comcast is very aggressive in collecting any money they believe due them.

So how many additional charges did the lady end up paying because of overcharging by Comcast for equipment never received? Why doesn’t Comcast refund all of the overpayment? You would think that if they overpaid you they would want their money back, wouldn’t you? And most distressing from my point of view is, how many other Comcast customers are being charged for equipment never received and because it is not clear on their bill that the charges are for such, that Comcast is getting away with taking advantage of the consumer unchecked? C’mon Comcast, have a little integrity . . .

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