Hot Babe On A Blue Suzuki . . .

Yesterday as I rode my bike through Oakland, I enjoyed a brief interaction with a hot babe riding a blue Suzuki.  I ride a 1996 Suzuki LS650 Savage which is a single cylinder “thumper” cruiser. Anyway, back to the babe.

I was driving south on E14th Street when I noticed this bike behind me  moving up pretty quick. I am a courteous driver so I took one side of the lane allowing the biker behind me to pass. Suddenly this dark blue streak with tits passes me by, and this rider was putting the spurs to that Suzuki. It is not often you run across a female rider that drives so aggressively. If it had not of been for the “red-lights” I would likely not have caught up to the gal. Now, a properly dressed rider wearing a full face helmet is pretty much concealed enough that you cannot tell what race, hair color, or face  the gal may have. I rolled up beside her making small talk which she likely could not actually hear. In response she raised he helmet visor and we talked briefly about the weather and how nice a day it was for riding our bikes. But, this gal was hot! She drove hot. her body was hot, and when she raised her helmet visor I was greeted to a very attractive Black gal.

All you idiots out there that have racial  issues, are stupid. A fine looking woman regardless of color is still a fine looking woman. If you suffer from the affliction that does not allow you to see past the color of a persons skin, you are sure going to miss out on a lot of beauty in this life. I can say without hesitation that were I a younger unattached man, I would easily chat this honey up. But, I never got the chance. The light turned green, I indicated that she should lead, and before I shifted from 1st to 2nd, she had reached at least 4th leaving me looking at her taillight fading in the distance. I never caught back up to her. My turn came up and she was long gone. Damn that gal can ride . . .

I love riding my motorcycle. I ride rain or shine, warm or cold, highways or city streets, it does not matter. I simply love to ride. Actually, I hate to sit in traffic. I would prefer to ride between the lanes hoping somebody does not make it too tight for me to get through, than ever sit idle in traffic. Frankly, I think it should be against the law for all those cars to be setting there in rush hour traffic blocking the road. Why don’t you people carpool or take a damn bus or something. Wait! Forget I said that. I think it would be much simpler if some of you ladies would ditch those cars and grab a bike to ride. Lot more fun too.

As for the good looking Black gal . . . Damn you can ride honey!

6 thoughts on “Hot Babe On A Blue Suzuki . . .

    • First thing she said when I walked in the door, “I read your article today!” She had a mean look on her face. I told her to “Step Off” and went about my business. (right) Nope she just ragged on me all day and half the night. Now, every time I leave I tell her I’m meeting a biker gal for a minute, and run!


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