Kansas highway crash seen on camera

You have got to watch this video!!!

Kansas highway crash seen on camera

Our subject video is about a SUV in Kansas that is driving down the highway, pulls onto the side of the road while still maintaining his speed and runs his SUV right up onto a flat-bed trailer and over the pick up/utility truck , tearing the cab of the pickup damn near off. I swear it must be a new trend, seeing who is the most idiotic in the country. Somebody check “twitter” and see if there is a “tweet” about somebody doing “stupid 101” so everybody can watch. It is simply a miracle that the driver of the pickup was not in the cab of the truck at the time, because he would likely be dead had he of been sitting there sipping a cup of coffee or something.

I have seen many a car accident over the years, and this one looks almost as though the driver of the SUV intentionally aimed for the pickup/trailer as though he intended to drive right up onto the trailer. If he had just drifted out of the lane he probably would not have gone so far over as to be in line with the trailer. But, he was likely “under the influence” and believed he was following the vehicle before him only to discover the vehicle he tried to follow was not moving at the same rate of speed he was. I tell ya, it takes a lot of balls to be that damn stupid in public. And get this . . . The SUV driver lived with minor injuries!

Click the link above to watch the flying SUV . . .

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