Are We Too Sensitive To Racism?

Think about this for just a minute. Have we become so sensitive to racism that we cannot discuss the differences between the races? Does our mindset require that red flags drop if certain words are said by certain people? By our act of ensuring racial issues do not arise, are we actually creating and validating racist opinion? We monitor our conduct and the conduct of others rigidly watching for racial impropriety. We have become a nation in which the White race cannot speak or utter a sound that could be considered racist, while being subjected to racial slur upon us, (Do not concern yourself folks, we have lots of White racists out there that may actually justify this.) The point I am trying to make, is are we too politically correct?

Some minorities are very sensitive to racial slurs, while others are less sensitive. Some people regardless of color are sensitive to racial slurs and quickly jump to take offense to such while others tend to recognize the stupidity of racism in any form or fashion. There are many Whites that are racists, but a remarkable amount of minorities are racists towards Whites and other minorities. Many Political Activists have made a career out of racial disharmony and quickly pull the “race card” whenever convenient, both White and minority. Hate groups foster racial disharmony without concern for the hate they create or any harm caused because of it.

Minorities and lower income Whites are victimized by Law Enforcement in many areas of the Country.  Blacks have routinely been targeted by Law Enforcement and prosecuted in our Courts receiving harsher sentencing than Whites as part of our War On Drugs while at the same time jobs necessary to provide a decent lawful income were not available. During the past 2 – 3 years people that lost high paying jobs were provided numerous extensions to their unemployment benefits, something that has never been provided the lower income earners. My point, the past is full of situations in which the minorities and now lower income Whites have been given a raw deal on a wide variety of subjects.

So, without a doubt . . . racism exists in the US today. Is our being so sensitive to it doing anything to benefit anyone? All the sensitivity does is demonstrate that racism exists. We know this, we do not need it reinforced by hatred on any side of the racial agenda. And I believe that is my point: Why are we giving validity to racism by being so sensitive to it? Doing so actually serves racism. Many people both minority and White jump on the racism band-wagon when opportunity presents itself. Many scream the past is the cause, but they are too young to have experienced the reality. Many are quick to turn violent attacking Whites just because of the color of their skin. To what end? I see no ethical or logical conclusion to such activity.

Would it not better serve to eliminate racism if we were a little less sensitive to racism and a lot less violent? Recently a utube video went viral of a White woman being racially offensive to a younger Black man. Where most Black men would have resorted to violence, this young man maintained his temperament and made the racist woman appear the fool she was, serving to stop racism. Had the young man of become violent with the woman, his actions would have likely served racism. Thus, if we want to put an end to racism we have to stop responding to racial incidents as racists do. Am I correct in this assumption? I really do not know, it just kind of makes sense to me.    

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